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Why Your Shades Need to Be About More than Just Style


Most of our clients reach out to us with an idea of the type of technology they want to upgrade whether it be displays, speakers, thermostats, or locks. Rarely do they realize there’s another part of their home ripe for improvement: their shades and drapes. Clients consider shades a crucial stylistic feature they can optimize with the right fabric and color. Few recognize how vital control can be as well.

In fact, upgrading your shades from traditional chords and cables can have a drastic impact. Read this blog to find out some of the ways motorized shading can transform your Atlanta, GA home beyond the clear interior design implications. 


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Manage Your Thermostat Effortlessly

In Atlanta, the weather can fluctuate wildly as fall approaches. The temperature can vary by as many as 20 degrees in the same day. How can your shades help your thermostat keep up with the changes? Shades can be programmed to close when they are hit directly by sunlight or at the hottest times of the day. Install honeycomb shades that can insulate your home from external heat while keeping in the cold air circulating from your AC.


Improve All Your Viewing Experiences

When it comes to your motorized shades, they can have their most significant impact when it comes to your media room or home theater. Once the sun’s rays reflect off your TV or screen directly, the glare can immediately ruin the movie, show or game you're watching. Viewing becomes uncomfortable  unless you stand up and close the shades, and even them sometimes that doesn’t help. Now motorized shading lets you close them from the same remote you use to turn on the TV and change the channel. Go with blackout shades to keep out all the light, so you don't end up with random glare lines on the screen.


Remove Major Safety Hazards

You’ve taken as many precautions as possible to make your home safe for your most vulnerable family members. Children need protection from stairs, toilets, and pools among other things.

Ever consider the danger shade and drapery cords could pose as well? Statistics show thousands of kids have gone to the emergency room due to cord-related injuries in the past two decades. And drapes can be particularly dangerous since cords typically reach the ground.

Now you can take advantage of motorized systems that remove the need for cords altogether. Let your family manage the shades instead through remotes, on-wall keypads, or mobile apps. Eliminate a safety hazard and stylistic eyesore all at once. 


Enhance Your Home Security  

Mock occupancy scenes are pretty standard in lighting control solutions to make your home look lived in while you’re away. Every few minutes lights turn on and off so it seems like someone is moving around the house. An easy way to make the scene more realistic is to add motorized shading to the mix. There may be a lot of thieves accustomed to lights with timers, but few realize shades are also capable of automated changes.


Do you want to learn more about our motorized shading solutions? Then come in and visit our Control4 certified showroom where you can experience the technology first hand. Feel free to reach out as well by calling (770) 977-9110 or by clicking the button below.  



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