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Keep the Lights on This Winter with Lighting Controls!


Automated Lighting Warms Those Cold Winter Nights

It’s gotten a bit chillier in Atlanta as we roll into the winter months, and along with the cooler weather, the days are also a lot shorter. If you like to be outside, that means shifting most of your outdoor activities to earlier in the day because the light is already starting to dim by the time most of us are headed home from work and school.

Maybe you’ve driven home in the dark only to realize as you pull into your driveway that you forgot to leave any lights on. Fumbling for your keys in the dark is no fun, and neither is feeling your way to the light switch inside. But with home lighting controls as part of your automation system, the only thing you have to worry about when you get home is how to get all the groceries unloaded in one trip.

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Create a Mood with the Perfect Indoor Lighting

We think lighting is an essential element to decorating. It not only serves as a utility, but the temperature and color of your lighting can also play a huge part in the way a room looks. Lighting controls can provide a dimming system to create just that feel in any room in your home. Say your partner is finally putting together that new bookshelf in the living room and need extra light. Just one touch of their smartphone, and they are in business.

Are you taking a relaxing bath after a hard week? Don’t worry that you’re already in the bathtub: You can dim the lights in any room from your nearest interface, creating the look and feel you want.

Automated Lighting Controls That Can Save You Money

One significant advantage of lighting controls is the ability to create a schedule. If you’re getting home after dark, you can schedule your lights to come on before your estimated time of arrival instead of leaving them on all day. And if you know there are rooms you aren’t using, schedule them off at certain times.

You can have autosensing technology installed so that when you leave a room, the lights turn off automatically. With Lutron integrated controls, you can also adjust shades up and down in any space in your home. And from your home networking interface, you adjust lighting levels and schedules without ever having to get up.  

Outdoor Lighting for Your Security

Having a light on at the front door is excellent for finding your keys when you get in, but more importantly, outdoor lighting is essential for your home's security. A home automation system that has an integrated security system can schedule lights to come on at certain times and work in low light conditions so you can capture events on your surveillance cameras.

Lights by your pool or security fences can also keep your family safe by providing plenty of trespass for everyone to see their way, even on the cloudiest of nights. Quality outdoor lighting controls managed through an automation system can elevate your home's safety and security.

If you would like to learn more about lighting controls for your home, give us a call. You can contact us at our Atlanta location at (770) 977-9110 or on our website.

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