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Boost Home Sales with Smart Home Installation

img-a-smart-home-to-boost-home-sales-2023 Smart Home Installation to Boost Home Sales

Entering a digitized era, the undeniable presence of smart home technology has become an increasingly attractive proposition. Luxury homeowners and potential buyers alike are captivated by the convenience, security, and enhanced living experience that smart homes provide.

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How to Know Your Home Audio Installation Needs a Boost

img-professional-home-audio-2023 Boosting your Professional Home Audio

Every home is a symphony of sound. Cinematic scores, immersive music experiences, and the hum of your favorite TV shows, all of these create an atmosphere that enriches our living experience. Yet, for many, the true power of sound remains untapped, hidden behind inadequate home audio installations.

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Expert Home Theater Installation Guide

Home Theater - Expert Installation Expert Home Theater Installation

Creating an exceptional home theater goes beyond just owning a big TV. It's about finding the right balance between sound, visuals, comfort, and aesthetics to create an amazing sensory experience. Atlanta Audio & Automation, as pioneers in home theater installation, is here to help you achieve the ultimate cinematic setup.

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The Difference Custom Modern Home Theaters Make

img-customized-home-theater-modern-2023 Modern Customized Home Theater

For homeowners seeking a luxury home entertainment experience, adding a custom modern home theater can take movie nights and game days to the next level. More than a trendy accessory, a home theater system provides unparalleled entertainment, delivering crisp sound, high-quality images, and multiple screens. This article outlines the benefits of custom modern home theaters, the various components that make up these systems, and how homeowners can choose the right installation company near them.


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How the Home Audio and Video Industry Has Changed in the Last 25 Years

img-home-television-innov-2023 Home Audio Video Innovation

Over the last 25 years, the home entertainment industry has significantly changed how we experience and interact with audio and video technology. With the rise of smart devices and advancements in technology, today's home theater systems are more sophisticated and user-friendly than ever before. In this article, we will delve into the significant advances in home audio and video over the past quarter-century and explore how smart devices have revolutionized the way we consume media.


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Benefits of Whole House Audio Systems

img-home-audio-close-up-2023 Whole House Audio Systems


Whole house audio systems have become a popular luxury home enhancement, offering seamless control over your music and a fully immersive entertainment experience. This article will highlight the numerous benefits of investing in one of these systems, perfect for homeowners who want to elevate their home theater, outdoor entertainment, and overall home automation.


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Here's What You Need to Know About Smart Home Automation

Centralized Automation Controls for a smart home

You may have heard about smart home automation but don't know what it's all about. Or you're familiar with the technology but still on the fence about using it. Either way, this guide is a great place to start! We know many property owners are hesitant about hiring a home automation company and connecting their house to the online world, so we've created this guide to address any confusion and help homeowners make the right decision. Read on to learn more about smart home automation and why it can be an excellent option.

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How to Pick the Best Home Audio System for Your Budget

Best Sounds for Home Audio

Are you looking to install a top-notch home audio system? With the right components, installation, and setup, your music listening experience can be taken to the next level, whether you are using an indoor or an outdoor sound system. 

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Security Monitoring in your Atlanta Home

Security Monitoring

A Commitment to Quality and Reliability

Since we began offerring security monitoring to our customers our choice in a security monitoring partner has been very important.   Atlanta Audio & Automation partners with Rapid Response for monitoring the safety of our customers homes.  There are three main factors why we chose them as our partner: Reliability of power and internet connection, data security, and quality of customer service.

Since the onset of professional monitoring, the importance of data, power, and telecommunications redundancy has been widely acknowledged. Redundancy is critical to protecting lives and property.

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Designing Your Home Theater? This Is A Guide For You

Modern Home Theater

You have always dreamed of having your own custom home theater where you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies with family and friends. But now that you're in the process of designing your dream home theater, you don't know exactly where to start.

Before you feel overwhelmed, here are some useful tips to use as your guide:

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TV Screen Size. Is Going Bigger More Practical Than You Think?

LG's wall-size direct-view LED TV. LG's wall-size direct-view LED TV.

Don't rule out switching to a larger size based on assumptions, but keep these TV buying tips in mind.

If it's been a while since you last bought a TV, you might be surprised to learn that what's considered "big" has changed a lot. These days even 42 and 50 inches are barely considered "midsize." This is thanks to manufacturers being able to make larger screens more cheaply, and also 4K and 8K resolutions making huge TVs more usable. Ultraslim designs also mean that larger screens take up less space.

So if you're considering a new TV, it's understandable if you're thinking of getting the same size, give or take a few inches. But the reality is, you can probably go a lot bigger. How big? Maybe you don't need a TV the size of a wall or a TV that is a wall, but in most homes a 65- or 75-inch TV will fit just fine.

Overall our advice is simple: Get as big a TV as you can afford. The longer answer depends on your room, your seating distance and the acceptance factor of any cohabiting co-deciders. Here's how to figure out how big you can go.

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Imagine More with Control4 and Josh ai


Installing Josh ai with your control4 Home Automation system unleashes the possibilities of your smart home!

Installing Josh with your Atlanta Control4 system unleashes the possibilities of your smart home while enabling every family member with a personalized and inclusive control platform. Freely make multiple requests in a single command, contextually adjust your surroundings, and conveniently search for your favorite media content, thanks to Josh’s knowledge of Control4’s connected devices.  In addition to luxurious design and elegant user experiences, every Josh interaction remains private thanks to its steadfast commitment to keeping user data secure. Snap One is excited to bring Josh’s innovation to every Control4 home!  

Click here to see demo 

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A Home Theater Installation Transforms Your Every Viewing


Watch Movies in a Brand-New Way This New Year!

With the new year here, it’s time to consider your home entertainment – is it up to par with the riveting films and suspenseful TV shows you watch with family and friends? You need stunning audiovisuals to match the excitement up on screen. Don’t settle for a standard AV setup; a home theater installation from our team of professionals can completely elevate your next movie night.

Learn how our team at Atlanta Audio & Automation can benefit your installation process and bring the home cinema of your dreams to your Atlanta, GA property. Want to find out more about our services and solutions? Just keep reading on below.

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Lutron Motorized Shades Transform Your Interiors


Integrated Shading & Lighting for Your Whole Home

A home’s lighting can transform the ambiance of your living space at all hours of the day. When your spaces lack natural sunlight or have poorly lit rooms, you and your family will start to take notice – your body and minds will even feel the difference throughout the day! You might observe worse sleep patterns or less productive days.

However, with Lutron motorized shades, you can let in the sun’s gentle rays and shield your interiors from the harsher light throughout the day. When you integrate smart lighting control into your home setup, you can completely take your Atlanta, GA home’s lighting under your control.

Want to find out more about these smart solutions for your entire property? Keep reading on below.

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Gain Peace of Mind Today with Smart Home Security


Smart Surveillance & Solutions Get You Ready for the Holidays

When it comes to your home security, you never want to be second-guessing things as you leave to go out of town or even down the street to go last-minute gift shopping. You want your family and Atlanta, GA property’s security guaranteed at all times – during this busy holiday season and all year round.

smart home security system never leaves you wondering if your living space is safe and well-protected. With innovative solutions and cameras to keep an eye on every corner of your home, you can gain peace of mind today and always.

Want to learn more about how a security system can benefit your home? Keep reading on below.

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Top-Notch Home Theater Projectors Have You Ready for the Season!


Check Out How Sony Can Deliver Stunning Visuals for Your Next Watch

As the weather gets increasingly chillier, you’ll want to spend your time in the cozy indoors with loved ones. But if your home entertainment is not up to par, then you’ll likely be left surfing channels or straining to get a good view of the screen among everyone in the room.

But when you upgrade your media setup or cinema with top-notch home theater projectors, you’ll be able to experience your favorite entertainment in a whole new way. Keep reading below to see how high-end products from trusted brands can make all the difference!

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Bring Your Smart Lighting Together with Control4


Illuminate Your Home with Just the Tap of a Button

Your home’s lighting has everything to do with how you experience your living spaces. Whether it’s a dimmed setting or brightened area, lighting can transform and shape our home environment – so it’s essential that your home lighting is in your control. And Control4 does just that, integrating your smart lighting automation seamlessly into your whole-home system.

Control4 specializes in simplifying your smart technologies and incorporating them into your home experience with zero hassle. Keep reading below to learn how this trusted brand can enhance your lighting throughout your Atlanta, GA home.

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Football Season Is Here! Is Your Whole-Home Audio Ready?


Get Your Home Soundscape Up to Par for the Biggest Games of the Year

The weather is slowly getting chillier, meaning football season is upon us. And with big games approaching, you’ll want to make the most of them by having friends over to enjoy the season together. But is your home entertainment setup ready to host you and other football fans?

A whole-home audio system can ensure you never miss a single moment of the game throughout your Atlanta, GA living spaces. Keep reading below to learn how this innovative sound setup completely elevates your game day experience!

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Work with a Control4 Dealer to Experience Innovative Solutions in Your Home


Check Out the Highlights & New Product Releases of Control4 Smart Home Systems

It’s the perfect time to dive into the latest products that one of the leading brands in the industry has to offer. From enhanced security to a more seamless home control setup – Control4 is always elevating and improving its technologies.

Control4 is known for offering effortlessly integrated smart systems and reliable smart solutions that can make your everyday life easier than ever. And our team at Atlanta Audio & Automation is your trusted Control4 dealer here to bring these new updates and product releases to your Atlanta, GA property! Keep reading on below to learn more about these innovative selections.

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Choose the Right Smart Home Integrator for You!


What Actually Is a Smart Home – And How Can One Transform Your Daily Living?

As you start your smart home journey, you probably have far more questions than anything else surrounding your planning process. But with an installation in your Atlanta, GA home, you don’t have to go at it alone – a smart home integrator can make the entire project a breeze from start to finish and can address every one of your questions and concerns.

But how can you determine that you’ve found the right integrator for you? Keep reading below to see what qualities make up the most trusted smart home companies – and dive into what a smart home can truly do for your daily living!

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