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Crestron Home Provides Energy Efficient Solutions


Lighting Automation, Motorized Shading, & Climate Control Help Your Home Go Green

A home automation system that can streamline and centralize your entire smart home will make everyday living a breeze – but what kind of impact will it have on your energy usage? The Crestron Home platform aims to create a smart home experience that delivers top-notch performance while still keeping your space energy efficient.

Below, we’ll dive into the system’s various features that can improve your overall home energy management. Keep reading on for more!

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Lighting Automation

We’ve all been there: leaving lights on in a room when no one’s in there is a frequently made mistake, but one that can seriously drive up your monthly energy usage and bills! Smart lighting automation from Crestron Home makes it easy for your lighting fixtures to turn on and off without you ever having to remember to press a button.

Lighting schedules can ensure that your lights turn on when needed and turn off just as accordingly – and you can set them to do so gradually and naturally, to create a more balanced and inviting atmosphere. Sensors in every room can also detect when someone has entered the space, turning on lights when they sense movement and then turning the fixtures off after the room is empty once more.

Climate Control & Shading

Managing your smart thermostats with the Crestron Home is hassle-free. The moment your climate control detects a drop in temperature, it can make up for the change without causing your HVAC system to go into overdrive. Then, as your thermostat automatically adjusts, your motorized shades – under the same centralized system – can respond accordingly and insulate your home by rolling down or let heat or cold air escape by raising up.

Your climate control can properly prepare every room you enter. As you arrive home from work or a vacation, your pre-set scenes can start warming up or cooling down the house before you get there. Your HVAC won’t stay on all day to an empty property – and it also won’t have to work hard to prep your home when you step through the door. These automated features can help you save so much monthly and in the long run.

Want to find out more about the Creston Home system and how all these innovative and energy-efficient features fall seamlessly under its wide umbrella? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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