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Smart Home Lighting Integrates Seamlessly into Your Daily Living Experience


Brighten Every Room with Just the Tap of a Button

Home lighting control can take your living space from a place you eat, rest, and go about daily routines – to an inviting and comforting environment for the whole family to revel in. The best part about smart lighting is that it isn’t just an addition to your existing smart home – it can integrate seamlessly into your whole setup.

Keep reading below to see how smart home lighting can brighten your whole Alpharetta, GA property with innovative features and benefit you in a variety of ways.

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Innovative, Integrated Lighting

Lighting control has a way of affecting every other part of your smart home experience. When your motorized shades raise up or lower in the mornings and evenings, your lighting can accommodate and brighten up the darkly-lit spaces – or turn off completely to let the natural sun rays shine through. When you’re ready to start a movie night, your lights can dim to let the vivid visuals on display illuminate the whole room. As the sun sets, lighting fixtures throughout your property can brighten to make going about your routine easy and safe – or dim to set the mood for a relaxing night in.

Smart lighting makes managing its features simple for you and your whole family. The same smart devices you use to lower shades, adjust the smart thermostat, or turn on the media center can also be used to control your lighting system. It’s total integration that doesn’t detract from the rest of your smart home technologies and how they operate.

Scenes & Settings: Just a Button-Press Away

The way lighting control effortlessly integrates into your smart home setup and daily lifestyle has a lot to do with its features. Setting “scenes” can make all the difference in how you experience smart lighting automation! So, what are scenes exactly? They’re the quick and easy way to create the perfect setting and atmosphere in any area of your home – with just a simple button-press.

You don’t have to think about what level of brightness you want your kitchen lighting to be while you meal prep or how dim you’d like your fixtures to be as you read in the foyer. With scenes, you can create a designated lighting setting that matches your exact preferences – and repeats those preferences every time you press the button for that specific scene. And with lighting control’s seamless integration, you can bring in other smart technologies into the scenes!

As you set the table, press the “Dinner Time” scene for the dining room lights to adjust, your motorized shading to lower, and background music to turn on while everyone converses. Press “Good Morning” for your lights to slowly brighten, your shades to raise up, and your smart thermostat to adjust accordingly. A “Movie Night” scene can set the stage for the ultimate viewing atmosphere, while an “Away” scene can even incorporate lighting, shading, and smart security solutions all in one! The options are endless.

Want to find out more about how smart home lighting can benefit your Georgia property and daily living? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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