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Smart Home Automation

Sunrise or sunset. Create a schedule that suits your routine.

Smart Home Technology

Your bedroom shades rise, lights brighten and your home warms as you wake. Your favorite song plays through your whole home audio to greet you while you check your day’s schedule.

Drink your coffee and watch the morning news. When it’s time to leave, your lights turn off and thermostats adjust at the command of your voice.

Lighting Control

Harness The Full Power Of Natural And Artificial Lighting
  • Easily manage lights via keypads, apps or touchpads
  • Minimize costs through occupancy sensors and timers
  • Adjusts lights according to time, function and room

Shade Solutions

Revitalize Your Home With Flawless Control Of Natural Light
  • Embrace sunlight for enhanced comfort and well-being
  • Eliminate heat gain, glare and UV damage to furnishings
  • Designer window treatments available in various fabrics and colors

Climate Control

Climate Control & Energy Efficent 
    • Thermostats reduce energy use through occupancy sensors and timers

    • User-friendly interfaces let you easily adjust throughout the day
    • Improve sleep qauility managing heating, cooling and ventilation at night

Human-Centric Lighting

Programmable scenes custom tailored to your home
  • Set the mood for any occasion, event, or simply to get motivated

  • Create a routine for time of day helping you wake up and get ready for bed

  • Make working easier by adjusting with your schedule

Energy Automation

Solutions built to save costs and time
  • Reduce costs by adding in thermostats that adjust to sunrise/sunset or setup for each season

  • Occupancy sensors and timers help limit electricity being used

  • Shades help eliminate sunlight from heating up the home allowing for higher bills

Solutions for your entire home

Complete Smart Home Control. Top To Bottom. Inside And Out