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Custom Audio and Automation Services

Atlanta Audio & Home Automation is your one-stop shop for your home theater, home automation, whole house audio video, or home lighting control project. Our people and the services we provide define our firm. We take pride in delivering a first-class client experience and work diligently to keep our staff trained and focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our role as a smart home automation advocate throughout Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas begins with an initial client discovery meeting and take us all the way to maintenance and support for completed installations.

service consultation


With our extensive experience providing smart home technology and integrated systems we are able to provide thoughtful discussion and valuable insight about what products and solutions work best to achieve a desired result for you.  We advise on what brands and technologies are reliable and which play well with others.  Get up to speed on the latest innovations and trends and have your questions answered.  With our collaborative approach expect to get ideas and creative suggestions on how to incorporate technology to enhance your life. We can even let you know what to avoid or where to proceed with caution, which can save time, money and frustration.

service project specification

Project Specification

We can apply our knowledge and expertise to documenting requirements for AV and integrated technology products, materials and services for a proposed project.  We can work together with architects and engineers to assist in preparing contract documents and construction requirements.  Our specifications describe the type and quality of every product required for the project including functionality, installation and finishing.  State of Georgia Codes and standards are addressed where appropriate.

service design engineering

Design & Engineering

Comprehensive and thoughtful system design and engineering up front leads to the best balance of functionality, reliability and aesthetics in the end result.  Avoid costly mistakes or change orders, having to do something twice, or tearing up walls once they’ve been closed.  Careful attention is given to the numerous details involved with smart home technology and integrated systems to ensure they are easy to use and deliver consistent performance and allow for future expansion or upgrades.  Everything from wiring infrastructure, hardware location, control device placement, user interface design, power management and blending equipment with architectural elements and interiors is planned out in advance.  We coordinate with architects, engineers, interior designers, general contractors, and affected sub-contractors.

services lighting design

System Documentation

A smoother construction process is achieved when the technology system design is documented in advance of actual construction.  All parties involved in building your space benefit with clearly defined drawings for device location, pre-wire, technical power, schematics, rack elevation, home lighting control, motorized window treatments, equipment space planning, video sightlines, requirements for video niches, and more.  We coordinate with your entire design team including architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and consultant to reduce confusion and achieve a smooth and efficient project from start to finish.

services project management

Project Management

A smart home automation project takes effective planning, organizing, and allocating resources to make sure it’s completed on time and with the desired result at fit and finish.  Additionally, procedures and protocols need to be met and unforeseen problems should be resolved quickly.  Our dedicated project managers oversee all details and consistently communicate with the contractor, subcontractors and owner.  Job sites are dynamic with many moving parts and having a solid, experienced person responsible to bring it altogether makes all the difference.  Given the multi-faceted nature of integrating different sub-systems from residential and commercial audio/video, lighting control, climate, security, networking, etc., we take a proactive approach and over-communicate every step of the way.

services wire installation

Wire Installation

Even though you can’t see it behind the walls, wire and cabling provides the electronic infrastructure for smart home automation.  The quality of the performance of your Audio / Video, security, CCTV, networking and communications is impacted by the quality of the wire installation.  Our technicians plan and implement all of your cabling needs in new construction or when upgrading an existing space.  We take pride selecting appropriate wire and in the craftsmanship of the installation to maximize performance and allow for easier maintenance or future upgrades.

services implementation


Putting all the parts and pieces together for smart technology and integrated systems needs to be executed with skill, precision, and some finesse. As much as we value our manufacturer partners, different products and brands have nuances that require special know-how and experience to optimize installation and access all the needed functionality. Our trained technicians receive ongoing education and stay up to date on the latest standards and best practices. We take pride in executing your system design with quality craftsmanship so it functions as desired and is reliable.

services programming


If you may have a beautiful, high performance vehicle but can’t easily turn it on or drive it where you want to go, then it’s not as valuable.  The same holds true with the user interface for your integrated technology system. Making sophisticated technology easy to use and simple for any user to get a high level of performance requires advanced work on the back end. Control systems continue to bring together more sub-systems from audio/video, home media distribution, home lighting control, motorized window treatments, climate, etc… It’s as if each is speaking a different language and we translate it into a single laguage that’s easy to understand. Even if the equipment is properly selected and is robust, the programming effort will determine the intuitive operation. Our programmers balance the technical know-how with the human element so you won’t need a manual filled with lots of instructions whether you’re using a touch screen, keypad, remote, or smart device to control your system.

services architectural finishes

Architectural Finishes

Our goal is to make your technology invisible. We accomplish this with decorative veneers and overlays, touch-up and repair of all surfaces, paint and plaster replication, expert color matching, and much more. Elegant flush-mounting systems available for common wall accessories to be mounted flush with the finished wall surface for electrical outlets, lighting controls, data jacks, and automation touch screens. On-site troubleshooting and problem solving included with this service. Elegance and sophistication is maintained, and in some cases added, to the aesthetics of your space whether it’s contemporary, transitional or traditional.

service system monitoring

System Monitoring

Our monitoring services provide peace of mind and allows for system maintenance and performance optimization. Access real-time information that provides the status of your lighting system, home network or other technologies simply from the dashboard of your system’s user interface. You can access this at home or from anywhere in the world via your phone or tablet’s app. IP devices and service-provider accounts are effectively managed and secured, with information and documents such as warranties and device manuals readily available.

services maintenance support

Maintenance & Support

Just as a vehicle needs regular maintenance and over time require service or replacement of parts, the same is true with smart technology and integrated systems.  We provide continued tuning and system adjustments at set time intervals based on your unique solution to maximize performance levels.  When something goes wrong, which is an inevitable truth about electronics, we will be there to fix it quickly.  Plus the fact that constant innovation continues to advance electronic equipment means there may be new features and enhanced performance that you will want whether it’s for your home theater, commercial audio video, whole home music, security or home lighting control in your space.  That’s why we take a proactive approach to communicating with you about the latest technology that is really important for you to consider and when updates to software and firmware are available.  We’re here when you need us and are a trusted advisor you can count on.

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