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Why You Should Consider Hidden Audio When Renovating Your Home


A Renovation Can Be the Best Time to Add Whole-Home Audio

It’s exciting when you can make changes to your home, like opening up the kitchen or expanding the shower like you've always wanted. But it's also a great time to make other updates as well, like with all those unsightly wires, devices, and even light switches. One upgrade you can make to your Atlanta, GA home is providing whole-home audio. If you use hidden wires and speakers, the only way you’ll know they are there is when you can hear the difference. But if that doesn’t convince you, here are some more reasons.

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Ugly Wiring Ruins the Ambience and Selling Potential

There is nothing like a beautiful floor-standing speaker rising from a central point in the room – only to have a handful of wires trailing precariously behind it. Wiring can be unsightly if not appropriately hidden and doing that is easier said than done. But there is something to be said for a look, and if you plan to sell your home down the road, it just might make the difference in your sales price.

Potential to Cause Accidents or Damage

Most of us have tripped over a wire or two: the TV, the lamp, you name it. But appliances need power, which means connecting them to a source, namely, your outlets often positioned at inconvenient distances from your devices. But if you are doing your renovation or build, you have control over where your whole-home audio’s power sources will be located and how they will power your devices and appliances. Hidden also means that wiring and connections are protected. If done correctly, they will be encased in protective coverings that prevent corrosion, exposure to moisture, and impacts. Plus, you won't have to worry about tripping over a wire on your way to the fridge at night.  

Cheaper to Install During a Build or Renovation

Because installing whole-home audio means connectivity throughout your home, it stands to reason that it is cheaper to do when you have all or some of your walls and ceilings open for running wires. This also means your contractor won’t have to do much, if any, cutting or sawing, or investigate walls for other wiring and devices. This kind of labor can get expensive. This affords you the opportunity to work with a designer to make a plan that includes your home audio system. This can save you thousands on the installation and likely will be a much cleaner job and stable system.

Consider installing hidden, multi-room audio during your next renovation to save time and money. Give us a call to find out about installing in your Atlanta, GA, home at 770-977-9110 or chat with us online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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