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5 Convenient Ways to Command Your Motorized Shades


Lutron Makes Shading Control Easy for the Whole Family

Like many smart home technologies, motorized shades are meant to make life simpler, more comfortable, and more convenient—from form to function. That means commanding the shades throughout your Atlanta, GA home should be effortless, too.

Lutron, a leader in motorized lighting and shading solutions, offers a variety of intuitive ways to control your window treatments that are easy for the whole family to use. Start planning the new year with motorized shades you can manage with wireless handheld remotes, in-wall keypads, the Lutron app, voice commands, or Control4. 

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Handheld Remote

Adjust your shades from anywhere in a space with Lutron’s Pico wireless remote control. This versatile and easy-to-use control is battery operated and compatible with all of Lutron’s shading solutions. You can easily add a new or additional point of control without the need for new wires.

The Pico remote configures for use as a wall-mount control, tabletop control, car visor control, or a handheld control. Choose from a 2-button, 3-button, and 4-button remote that also comes with raise/lower commands. Each is available in a variety of colors and finishes.

In-Wall Keypad

Designer in-wall keypads also offer the benefit of immediate button commands but with an elegant finish to complement your home’s interior design. Available as hardwired and wireless, Lutron in-wall keypads allow you to command all your shades from a single location for the optimal user experience. 

Choose the architectural style you love, with single or dual-column models that offer a combination of 2 buttons, 3 buttons, or 4 buttons with raise/lower arrow buttons as well. Customize the engraving on your buttons for specific scenes like Entertain, Cook, or Relax. All faceplates are available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Lutron App

While it’s not always convenient to get out your phone, open an app, and swipe to a certain room to adjust your shades, being able to command your shades while on the go is a significant benefit of upgrading to motorized window treatments.

With the Lutron app, you can adjust your shades from literally anywhere that your smartphone or tablet has service. Whether you’re on the couch in the living room or away on vacation, you can open the Lutron app to close your bedroom shades, raise your media room shades, activate custom scenes, and more.

Voice Command

Multitasking or have your hands full? Use voice commands to control your shades. Lutron integrates with voice control assistants like Amazon Alexa so you can activate custom scenes and even adjust all the shades in your whole home with just a verbal command.

While all Lutron shading controls are intuitive for the whole family, voice adds the benefit of hands-free control for when you’re in the middle of an activity, can’t find your phone, or don’t want to get up and walk to the in-wall keypad. Enjoy voice command with any of Lutron’s shading solutions.


Already have a Control4 smart home system? Lutron shading control seamlessly integrates with Control4 so you can command all your disparate smart home devices and solutions from one easy-to-use platform. What’s more, you can create custom scenes to automate your Lutron shades to adjust with other devices around your property, like your lights, thermostats, media, and security system.

Create a “Good Morning” scene to raise your shades, brighten your lights, and start your favorite playlist throughout the home. When it’s time to leave for work, tap your “Away” scene to lower your shades, shut off your lights, adjust the thermostat, and lock your doors behind you.


Your life is always changing, which means commanding your smart home should be just as flexible. Lutron provides that flexibility for all your shading solutions—and more. Upgrade to Lutron motorized window treatments by contacting our technology professionals today! We look forward to assisting you.

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