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New to Home Automation? Start with Smart Lighting Control


Create the Perfect Scene for Any Moment with a Control4 System

You may be familiar with the unrivaled benefits of a smart home. A home automation system can dramatically simplify your daily routines, strengthen your home security, elevate the way you relax and entertain, and even help you live greener. But incorporating smart technology in your Atlanta, GA home can feel overwhelming if you’re unsure where to start.

If you want a solution that makes your life more convenient and your home safer, more comfortable, and easier to enjoy, then we recommend you start with smart lighting control from Control4. Get the details below.

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Impressive One-Tap Scenes

Every day, you’re tasked with making rounds throughout your home to turn off lights before leaving for work or going to bed. What if you could adjust all the lights in your home from one intuitive interface instead? Smart lighting control from Control4 gives you the power to turn off every light in and outside your home instantly from the convenience of an in-wall keypad when you’re rushing out the door or from your smartphone as you lay comfortably in bed.

You can also create one-tap lighting scenes for other use-cases, like cooking in the kitchen or brightening all the rooms downstairs for a party. Don’t settle for static illumination either—smart lighting lets you dim one or all your lighting fixtures with just a swipe on your smart device or by tapping an in-wall keypad so you can easily complement the lighting for any mood.

Hands-Free Control

Smart lighting goes beyond one-touch control by offering hands-free automation, too. Schedule your lights to adjust at certain times of the day and night, wake up to brightening lights in your bedroom, and arrive home from work to an illuminated walkway and well-lit house ready to greet you. Through the power of Control4, your lighting fixtures can do all the work for you so you can focus on more important things.

What’s more, you can integrate motion sensors with your lights for hands-free illumination when walking into the bathroom or kitchen in the middle of the night. Not only do motion sensors add more convenience for controlling your lighting, but they also help save energy by turning lights off when no one is in the room and back on when foot traffic is detected in that area.

If you’d prefer control that’s a little more hands-on than automation, opt for voice control. Using Amazon Alexa devices around your smart home, you can simply ask Alexa to activate different light scenes, dim lights to a certain percentage, or turn off all the lights in your entire home before bed.

Add Beauty to Your Home

Smart lighting control is more than a convenient addition to your smart home. It can also be used to enhance various areas in and outside your property. In just a tap, you can illuminate your patio, emphasize water features throughout your backyard, and brighten your curbside landscape for a beautiful exterior look. Set your outdoor lights to turn on and off with the sunrise and sunset so you never even have to tap a button.

Your indoor lighting can also be used to elevate architectural features, make your artwork pop, and create layers of light for more beautiful and comfortable spaces. The right lighting design and a smart lighting control system from Control4 gives you the power to completely transform the way you interact with your home.

Learn more about how smart lighting control as part of a comprehensive home automation system can benefit your lifestyle and bring added convenience to your daily routines by calling our team at (770) 977-9110 or connecting with us here. We look forward to serving you!

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