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Everything You Need to Know About In-Ceiling Speakers


Listening to music can enhance your health, improve your daily tasks, and bring friends together when hosting a party or dinner. It should come as no surprise then that multi-room audio is a big priority for a lot of our clients. Getting access to their favorite artists anywhere in the house is a must-have feature.

However, many are reluctant to embrace multi-room audio because they’re scared of the stylistic impact of having a large number of speakers in their home. That’s why we use in-ceiling speakers in our multi-room audio installations. Unleash high-performance sound without the clutter with fixtures that blend seamlessly within your Atlanta, GA home.


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What Are the Main Applications?

Our clients often use their multi-room audio to have background music on as they move around the house. In-ceiling speakers are the ideal solution if you want uniform sound. You need a lot of wide dispersal speakers, so no one gets stuck in audio hot spots. With subtle in-ceiling speakers, you can spread them out throughout the room, so everyone enjoys the music at the same volume. If done correctly, no one should be able to tell exactly where the sound is coming from.

While multi-room audio applications are the most popular ones when it comes to in-ceiling speakers, they also play a pivotal role in modern surround sound layouts. If you’ve upgraded your media room or home theater to Dolby Atmos surround sound, you'll need a couple of in-ceiling speakers to get full 3-dimensional audio when watching a movie.

What Type of Models Are Available?

When picking in-ceiling speakers for your home, there are a few things to consider. One is mounting depth. While some models are only a few inches deep, some can be as big as 9 inches deep, so it's important to know just how much space is available in your home before purchasing one.

If you work with high-end manufacturers, the other differences will be primarily aesthetic. You can choose between square fixtures or round ones that better camouflage with your lighting fixtures. When it comes to size, most speakers are between 5 and 8 inches in diameter.

Finally, if you plan on using your speakers in a moist environment, be it outdoors or in a spa or bathroom application, make sure they’re designed to withstand those conditions.

What is the Installation Process?

We recommend working with a professional that will help you figure out the number of speakers needed and where they should be placed. They can then take care of the installation to ensure the speakers are flush-mounted within the ceiling.

They’ll also be able to remove the necessary drywall (unless they're working in new construction), gauge the power needed, and run the wires from your source AV components all the way to the speakers. Finally, experienced technicians can safely secure the speaker and adjust the swivel tweeters to make the sound go in the right direction.

How Can I Control My Speakers?

With the speakers out of reach, you’ll need an easy way to access them to play your favorite music and movies. Connect all your in-ceiling speakers to a multi-room audio system so you can control them from a mobile app, keypad, dedicated touchpad or even voice commands. You’ll be able to choose what you want to hear and adjust the volume as needed.


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