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Tired of Clunky Tech Cluttering Your Home? Here Are 4 Ways to Hide It


Technology is essential to the way we live our lives. And with many homeowners investing in smart home technology for their Atlanta properties, there’s more of it than ever.

If you feel like enjoying the benefits of integrated technology comes at the cost of your home décor, you’re not alone. Some components can look clunky or otherwise distract from the overall feel of a space.

Thankfully there’s a solution. Hidden technologies are the perfect way to maintain the look of your home while simplifying your lifestyle. Here, you’ll find four ways to get started.


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Recessed Lighting

One of the more common versions of hidden technology is recessed lighting. It seems like you can’t walk into any modern construction without seeing the fixtures embedded in the ceiling.

But it’s no surprise that recessed lighting is so popular. The right amount of recessed lighting, when installed with LED lamps, can give you beautiful, precisely dimmable light.  LED technology is also extremely energy efficient and long-lasting. 

In-Wall Speakers

Home audio is a must-have for plenty of Atlanta locals. But that doesn’t mean you want big, boxy speakers taking up space in every room.

In-wall speakers are the perfect solution. Connected to an audio distribution system that can stream all the songs from your music collection to any room of your house, in-wall speakers transform the soundscape of every room.

They tend to fit in recesses similar to hidden lighting fixtures and can easily blend with your wall or ceiling finishes. But if you don’t want to see them at all, some manufacturers provide options to hide the components behind a thin layer of drywall, like the Invisible Series from our speaker partner Sonance.

Motorized Lifts

What do you do when you want to hide big pieces of AV gear that you need to look at to enjoy, like a TV for instance?

Motorized lifts are a great way to hide your video displays when you’re not using them. Whether you choose to place your 60” flat-panel within a piece of furniture or you want your projector to live in the ceiling, one-touch can turn your room into the ultimate viewing space.

Mirror TVs

Sometimes it’s best to hide your devices in plain sight. If you want your technology to work with your décor rather than despite it, hiding it within a mirror or art piece may work for you.

With the touch of a button, the print can roll back and reveal your wall-mounted display. In the case of a mirror TV, you simply have to turn it on to view content clearly.


Want to learn more about clever hidden technologies that can help keep your Atlanta property looking great?

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