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Control 4 Now Integrated with Amazon Echo: What it Means


In November 2014, Amazon revealed their latest foray into the world of technology and electronics with the Amazon Echo. It serves as the first major-brand smart speaker, boasting a voice-driven interface capable of voice interaction, music playback, alarm setting, streaming podcasts, and providing weather, traffic, and other real time information. The Echo responds to the name “Alexa,” and provided the first peek into what the future could be for users around the world. It essentially took some of the basic functions iPhone users are familiar with from Siri, and adapted them to an in-home speaker.

Amazon Echo and Control 4 Combine Forces


Recently, Amazon Echo made the next step in its own evolution by integrating with the endlessly useful Control 4 system. When Control 4 burst onto the scene in 2003, it served as a leader in smart home automation and home entertainment systems. By meshing it with the Echo, homeowners are able to do much more with their Amazon device – adjust room temperature, shade position, lighting control, security management, and play music, among others.


Comprehensive Home Automation


While Control 4 enabled users to manage each of their systems remotely from a smart phone, blending its capabilities with Alexa opens many other opportunities. For example, a mother returning home from grocery shopping can activate Alexa, ask for her music to be turned on and for the door to be locked behind her, all without putting down her bags. Homeowners can adjust the house temperature with their voice, and adjust lighting without ever leaving the couch.


Atlanta Audio: A Premier Home Automations Expert in Georgia


Here at Atlanta Audio, we are primed and prepared to demonstrate the versatile power of the marrying of these two incredible technologies. Our team members are on location at our Atlanta storefront, prepared to give demonstrations of the combination of Control 4 and the Amazon Echo. Interested parties can get a sense of the innovative nature of the two, and see for themselves how seamlessly the technology can integrate into their own lives. To learn more about the Control 4 user experience and become acquainted with all of our products and services, be sure to look at the Control 4 page of our website or give us a call at (770) 977-9110. We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

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