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The Best Seat In The House

"The Best Seat In The House" Control4; Accessed August 11th 2021

The Best Seat In The House

A home theater should feel like a special destination in your house—the one place you can retreat for a couple of hours to escape from reality and be transported into another world. The place you like to visit frequently with friends and family to enjoy the latest blockbuster releases—but without walking out with a backache from sitting in a poorly constructed seat.



The best antidote for movie-theater aches and pains is a seat designed expressly for movie viewing. You might think the cushions of that cushy couch are comfy, but they can’t provide the support necessary for extended hours on your derriere. Specialty home theater seats are constructed of materials to provide the back and lumbar support needed for movie marathons. These chairs also sport features like reclining action, massage and heat, and adjustable headrests to maximize your comfort. Most manufacturers of specialty theater seating offer several levels of firmness, so you can customize the cushions to your liking.


If you’re trying to make your theater look as close to the real thing as possible, rows of individual seats may be the ideal configuration. However, know that you can always include loveseats, sofas, and chaise longue in your home theater design. Additionally, the seats can be arranged in a straight line or a gentle curve, and placed on risers for a stadium-style seating arrangement. Know how you’d like to arrange out your chairs before you buy; it will help you choose the right size and shape to best fit the dimensions of your home theater room.


Once you have nailed down the type of seat for your theater, it’s time to think about how you’d like them upholstered. The sky is the limit, as manufacturers offer a wide range of fabrics, colors, and textures to suit your style. Leather is always a popular choice for its durability and resistance to stains and dirt, but your theater seats can be covered in suede, velvet, mohair—just about anything—and in any color, from neutrals like gray and brown to vivid hues like cherry red and cobalt blue. 

For more details on the features mentioned here, please review the Best Seat In The House article by Control4

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