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Why You Still Need Wires in a Wireless World

"Why You Still Need Wires in a Wireless World" Cedia.net ; Accessed August 17th 2021

What’s wrong with just Wi-Fi?

"In smaller homes, a router-and-modem Wi-Fi rig can handle just so much. With a couple of laptops and a phone or three using the wireless bandwidth in a home that’s under, say, 2,000 square feet, everything will likely work fine. But add anything from a smart TV streaming a movie service to a wireless audio system to a connected fridge, and the bandwidth that particular Wi-Fi device provides can become rapidly unstable. And no one wants to see a frozen screen or “the spinning beach ball of doom” on a device in the middle of a critical Zoom meeting or the kids’ e-learning session."


So what do I need?

The short answer: wire or cable, the words are practically interchangeable. Whether it’s what’s called “Category” or “Cat” cable (the current minimum standard is “Cat 6A”) or fiber optic cables, wiring run through the walls to a variety of either hardware connections or wireless access points is critical. Those access points provide multiple Wi-Fi signals to devices beyond a single modem-and-router.

When should we install this stuff?

Right at the beginning. You need to include cable infrastructure at the planning stages of a build or remodel, just as you would with plumbing or HVAC ducts. A CEDIA integrator can run the right wires to the right places, and while the installation of this network is critical, it’s one of the least expensive parts of an integration project -- when it’s done at the outset. When the cable runs are properly installed and documented, it’s much easier (and cheaper) to upgrade that system later -- and it adds value to a resale of your home.

But isn’t better Wi-Fi coming? And what about 5G?

The next generation of Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi 6, which offers improved speed and capacity. It can also play well with the devices you’ve already got, but like any wireless transmission technology, it has its own bandwidth and distance limitations. The other technology in this mix? Fifth-generation cellular technology, or 5G. It’s very fast, but the signals travel very short distances. 5G deployment in the home also requires the purchase of 5G-enabled devices. Ultimately, the best solution is a network with a hard-wired backbone.

To keep reading this article by Cedia click here to see all the benefits how these solutions can make your life easier.

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