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Set up for Spring Championships With a Smart Home Theater


Before you know it, the holidays will be over and you’ll have to start thinking about what’s really important: the slew of sports championships hitting in the early months of the New Year. With Super Bowl 50, March Madness, NBA Finals all around the corner, sports fans throughout Atlanta won’t be seen outside of their home theaters until summer. That means now’s the time to prepare with the coolest technology available for your home theater. Read on to find out how upgrading your space now can lead to a winning championship season.

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4K Sports HFR Compatibility

Between 4K UHD, OLED and HDR you might feel like all of the acronyms surrounding the next generation of video displays are taking precious brain space away from important game statistics and player info. But here’s one you’ll really want to pay attention to: HFR.

HFR stands for high frame rate. Why is that important for a sports fan? The frame rate is all about motion. Movies are generally shot at 24 frames per second (fps), lending a “cinematic” depth to the image, as well as capturing the distinct difference between light and shadow. Sports are currently shot and broadcast in 60 fps, flattening out the plane and capturing movement with incredible detail. But higher resolution allows for even higher frame rates. When you upgrade to 4K, sports can be broadcast in rates well over 100hz, turning your home theater into the ultimate game-watching zone.

One of the most common limitations of 1080p HD is known as motion lag. It refers to the juddering that makes slow camera movements look jerky and the blur that makes fast movements hard to follow. HFR almost entirely eliminates this problem, making all movement crisp, clear and detailed. That’s probably why the European network Sky Sports has already made motions toward shooting and broadcasting their games in HFR, and you can bet major American channels like NFL Network and NBA TV won’t be far behind.

And if you’re worried about jumping on board too soon, your advanced 4K TV or projector is capable of upscaling a 1080p image that looks incredible, even if it’s not native 4K.

Diversify With a Full-Blown Media Room 

A minor issue some homeowners have with upgrading to 4K is that truly enjoying the density of the pixels requires a huge screen. That’s perfect for your principle display, but what about any smaller monitors you have around your home theater? What’s the point of upgrading those if you won’t even see the difference?

The answer is simple: more TVs mean more games, and HFR vastly improves the look of even tiny video displays. Turn your home theater into a full blown media and gaming room to enhance your game day experience.

Place a few small displays strategically around the room to get the most out of your space, without disrupting the main event. You can watch other games, hook up gaming systems to bang out a few rounds of Madden or NBA 2K16, or even entertain the non-sports fans in your life by streaming 4K content from Netflix or Vudu.

Plus, with expert wiring design and intelligent networking, your home theater/media room can be entirely scalable, so you’ll be able to add more components – like Dolby Atmos surround sound, the Sony X10 4K Media Player or simply more monitors – as you see fit.

Are you ready for some football (and basketball)? Contact us today to upgrade your Atlanta home theater or media room in time for kickoff!


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