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Movies are the most potent magic; they can sway us in ways no other medium can. The universal language of the film transcends continents, allowing us to see the world from another's perspective. No other media can have us laughing, crying, and cheering with gusto all in the same moment.

A home theater brings this excitement, sense of anticipation, and drama to your house. The adventure of it all can fall flat without the appropriate attention to essential elements and technology.

Our team is expert in designing and installing home theater projectors with home automation, screens, and seating, assuring you have the ultimate movie experience. Enjoy movies as they should be while still keeping connected to your Atlanta, GA smart home and security.

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“Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out”― Martin Scorsese.

The image you use is central to creating the movie theater experience. What you see and how you see it changes simply watching into an event. The choice of projection, lensing, and even the surface you project on dramatically changes impact. An image lacking in detail, presented in a non-cinematic format, or washed out, is less than thrilling. 

Projection Perfected

Projection is the only way to bring the larger than life feeling; LCD panels pale in comparison both technically and by boxing the video into an inappropriate size.  We have partnered with Sony to offer home theater projectors that furnish ultra-high definition and native 4K imagery. From the deepest blacks and nearly infinite spectrum of colors and a depth of field, the unmatched detail draws you deep into the action on the screen.  Since the start, Sony has been part of home theaters and offers a line of products that work with your budget and design.

Anamorphic Asset

Most films destined for release in movie theaters are shot in a wide-screen format that gives the film expansive vistas; one brand name is Cinemascope.  Many standard projectors and television monitors cannot accommodate this aspect ratio and deal with it by altering the image to fit the screen. The result is those black bars on the top and bottom, and often sides, of the movie. In order to run the film as intended, projectors can call up settings to present the image in the correct format, but a bit more needs to be done. An anamorphic lens optically brings the image to the correct ratio, expanding it to fill the screen as cinematically intended

More Than a Wall

The projection surface is often an underrated element of a home theater or media room. A standard white wall, even one using projection grade paints, cannot equal the resolution and image quality of a dedicated screen. We partner with Screen Innovations to ensure the highest quality of image where the spectacular video projection is not lost. Screen Innovations produces the highest quality fabrics designed to maximize image intensity and brightness. Video projected onto these screens yields the dramatic pop that is essential to the movie house experience. 

A Fortified Seat

The look and feel of the theater itself are deeply personal. Whether you choose to recreate the glory of movie palaces of the past or a more modernist take, we can assist. Working with our design team or collaborating with your architect and interior designer, we can make your vision happen. A big part of the final atmosphere is the seating. You want a seat that accommodates comfort, style, and convenience. The folks at Fortress Seating have been manufacturing the finest seating for over 75 years. The seats allow you to relax in comfort with lumbar support and power recline. Your snacks are set in easy-to-access holders and they even provide power to charge devices.


At Atlanta Audio & Automation, we don’t overlook any element that would give your theater the cineplex details you’re craving at home. Connect with us today to talk about how we can help you out with all of your home theater needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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