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3 Things That Make for the Ideal Home Theater in Atlanta


Using Pros Who Understand Acoustics and Visuals Guarantees a Truly Immersive In-Home Theater Venue

Your fully automated home theater in Atlanta, GA should not only be stylish, unique, and easy to use but should also be designed so that you can have an amazing viewing and listening experience.

The most obvious goal of any good home theater is to replicate the experience of a real movie theater but to achieve that you’re going to need the highest-end audio and video technology combined with the expertise of how and where to install it.

The installation professionals at Atlanta Audio & Automation will be able to help you decide the precise kind of components and equipment that will transform your home theater into a special cinematic experience.

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1. Ease of Use Through Fully Automated Devices

When you enter an actual movie theater, the lights dim, the sound rises, and the screen image appears -- all at the same time.

For your home theater in Atlanta, you can have that same experience by simply pressing a button on your smartphone or telling your smart speaker, “It’s Movie Time!”

Everything in your theater room, the projector, your lights, and speakers, will be integrated into an automated system. You’ll be able to access all your online streaming platforms. Our professionals will make sure your at-home network will be able to support any device and complete a rigorous testing process of your theater’s components.

2. Choosing the Right Screen and Projector

To be thrown back into your seat by stunning visuals requires the best screens and projectors on the market. As far as projectors go, you’re going to need something with 4K Ultra HD resolution.

But how far away it is from your screen will depend on the room specifications of your home theater. Once our installers have analyzed its dimensions, we can then determine the optimal placement of your theater’s seating and the size of your movie screen.

When it comes to in-home movie screens, you can choose from many different types. You can select the kind of screen that only absorbs light from your projector or one that is designed with tiny holes, without any effect to visual quality, that allows speakers to be placed behind your screen. It’s interesting to note that this is how many real Atlanta-area movie theaters are designed.

3. Having the Right Audio Design

When it comes to audio design for home theaters in Atlanta, our experience is second to none.

For a real home theater venue, you just can’t have 2-channel audio--you’re going to want to incorporate a design that includes surround sound and ensure it is placed at the proper location depending on how you’re seating is situated.

In our initial assessments of your theater space, we will also test for dead spots and places where there might be an unwanted echo. Once we do this, we can then determine what kind of acoustic treatments are needed, and if any sound absorption equipment will be necessary.

If you’re ready to discover what it’s like to have a Hollywood theater inside your own Atlanta home, give our team a call or contact us here. We’d love to hear from you!

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