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Let Control4 Home Automation Elevate Your Outdoor Entertainment

Reimagine Lighting, Audio, and Video for Your Backyard and Entire Atlanta Home

Summer is upon us, so what does that mean for folks in Atlanta? It’s time to soak up the sun and enjoy all your Georgia home’s outdoor space has to offer. Whether it’s basking in a warm summer weeknight with your family or having a weekend barbecue and pool party with friends, you should make sure your outdoor entertainment system is up to date with the latest equipment and technology.

Control4 is an industry leader in the home automation space, and their advanced smart technology can pair with your outdoor equipment to take your summer entertainment to the next level. Convenience, luxury, and fun can be at your fingertips with a Control4 system. We’ll walk you through some of their top solutions.

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Smart Lighting 

Lighting can do so much more than help you see around your backyard. It can transform your outdoor space and create an atmosphere that’s specific to your tastes. Do you want dim lights to illuminate your backyard when it’s outdoor movie night? Or how about brighter lights for your outdoor dining table when you want to host a dinner party? You can set up any style of outdoor lighting and control everything through your smartphone, smart device, or voice commands — thanks to Control4.

With Control4, you can create customized lighting scenes and activate each scene with the touch of a button. Want to turn on those specific lights you set for outdoor dinner parties? You can go to the Control4 OS 3 app on your smartphone and choose that lighting scene effortlessly.

Multi-Room Audio

No backyard is complete without an outdoor speaker system. To make all your dance parties and dips in the pool even better this summer, you can connect your outdoor speakers to your Control4 system. Your Control4 system can connect the speakers inside your home to the speakers in your backyard, giving you multi-room audio. You’d be able to tap a button on your Control4 app and send the music playing inside your house to your backyard — and even waterproof speakers built into your pool!

With a Control4 system you’ll also get TIDAL Masters, which is streaming platform TIDAL’s HiFi membership. You’ll be able to listen to high-resolution audio with native support of MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), giving you the highest-quality audio experience wherever you are in your home. 

Whole-Home Entertainment

Your home’s entertainment system doesn’t have to be confined to your living room or media room. With Control4’s whole-home entertainment, you can have entertainment in every area of your home and manage it all through your Control4 app, Neeo touchscreen remote, or voice commands. Through the app or remote, you can see what music or video is playing in any room, including your outdoor TV.

Do you have a favorite show right now? You can set it as a “Favorite” on your app and tap that button whenever you want to watch it. The app lets you add or remove rooms, adjust the volume, or turn it all off. If you’re playing something in your bedroom and want to continue watching it while taking a break outside, you can use the app to stream the content on your outdoor TV and pick up where you left off.

Control4 will transform your summer activities and the entire way you enjoy your home. Having a Control4 system means owning a customized and unified smart home system that automates your home’s main components: lighting, audio, video, climate control, security, and more. If you’re ready to find out more about a Control4 system for you and your family, consult with a Smart Home pro like Atlanta Audio & Automation. We’re professionally trained and HTA certified.

Give us a call or visit our certified Control4 showroom in Buckhead & Atlanta or Avalon & Alpharetta. We hope to see you!

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