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How Control4 is Improving the Smart Home Experience


For the last three years running, Control4 has been named the top whole house automation company by industry professionals. That is in large part due to their ongoing innovation from acquiring significant players like Pakedge and Triad to bringing in top-level talent like Amazon Alexa architect Charlie Kindel.

At the 2018 CEDIA exhibition, Control4 continued its commitment to innovation with its new OS Version 2.10.4 which adds new music and personalization features for homeowners. Check out their top CEDIA announcements below. As your local Control4 dealer, you can also experience them first hand at our Alpharetta, GA showroom.


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Getting More of Your Favorite Music  

With streaming becoming the primary way people listen to music, Control4 has made big upgrades in this area. Streaming high-performance audio is now easier than ever with Control4’s latest software upgrade. The company now offers access to Apple Music and Deezer Audio through their native streaming services, so you can play music throughout the house without having to open a new app. A new “Add Music” capability also makes it easier to add other streaming services like Spotify, TIDAL, TuneIn or iHeartRadio.

“We're providing fantastic music listening experiences to our customers, and we're equipping our Dealers with high-resolution music capabilities for every living space in the home, from the source to the listener's ear,” said Control4 Chairman and CEO Martin Plaehn.


Creating More Personalized Control

Making unique scenes is one of the coolest features in a Control4 system. Unveiled last year, When à Then customization made it easier than ever to create unique sequences to manage lights, shades, entertainment, climate and more. This year’s software update adds even more options to the popular When-Then customization feature.

The new upgrades will let users create and edit voice scenes for Amazon Alexa, offering unprecedented hands-off control of their smart home. Once they’ve programmed a scene through the When à Then option, they’ll also be able to add it to custom buttons on Control4’s new Intercom Anywhere systems. Finally, the software upgrade lets homeowners make When à Then modifications to custom programming that was added by their Control4 dealer.


Take Better Care of Your Smart Home

Realizing the importance of a strong networking foundation for all Control4 smart homes, Pakedge was one of the company's first acquisitions. Recently, they enhanced this partnership by adding crucial remote management features to Pakedge switches and access points.

These features let you reboot devices, update firmware, and change passwords. Let your local Control4 dealer maintain and service your system at any time through Pakedge’s BakPack technology. We’ll be able to make sure everything is running smoothly and often resolve issues before you even notice them. 


Do you want to take advantage of these new smart technology solutions in your home? Schedule a visit to our showroom by calling 770-977-9110, filling out our online contact form, or chatting with a representative on the bottom right of the screen.


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