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Home Networking: How It Makes Life Easier For You And Your Family


Explore The Benefits Of Home Networking For Your Atlanta Home

Like many others in Atlanta, Georgia, and across the country, you and your family may be adjusting how you accomplish your day-to-day routines while quarantining at home. Instead of being in an office, you may be having to spend your entire workday inside your home. Your kids are probably learning how to do schoolwork remotely, and you’re most likely spending time helping them and parenting while also trying to focus on your own work.

Although we’re living in uncertain, difficult times, at least there are ways to make it easier. Having a strong home networking system is one of these solutions. Read on to discover what home networking is and some of its essential components.


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What Is Home Networking?

Home networking is simply a way to connect all of the devices in your home — computers, printers, game systems, mobile devices, smart devices — to the Internet and to each other. You and your family are probably spending more than your usual amount of time utilizing your home’s devices and Internet. With a home networking system, you can ensure efficient communication at all times.

Let’s say you’re using your tablet and need to access files on your desktop. You can quickly grab those files without having to leave your seat if both of those devices are on your home network. If you want every file to be in a central location, you can store them on a storage app and let all the devices in your home access it.

You and your kids may also be printing out and copying numerous files for work and school. There’s no need to have a printer for each of your computers — you can have one communal printer that connects to every computer through your home networking.

Similarly, with a robust home network, you’ll be able to conduct video conferences while your kids stream Netflix content in the living room. There will be no lagging, interruption or signal dead zones anywhere in your home.


Wired Vs. Wireless

When setting up a home network, you’ll want to consider a wired versus wireless network. A wired network connects your devices through ethernet cables. A wireless one sends wireless signals from your router or access points to all your devices.

A wired home network tends to be faster than a wireless one. If speed and reliability are critical for you and your kids — perhaps for business, home automation or gaming purposes — then a wired network may be a better option. It’s also more secure.

Wireless networks, or Wi-Fi networks, are easy to install and more accessible for smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices. You also won’t have to fiddle with your network cables and potentially lose connection if you want to move devices across rooms. You can also set up wireless access points that allow you to extend signal to your outdoor spaces.


Servicing And Troubleshooting

Having a home network means you also need to think about network security. Thanks to advanced security solutions available today, you can have professionals monitor your system remotely to see if any issues arise.

Our team of experts at Atlanta Audio & Automation can monitor all the devices on your network to conduct service and troubleshooting remotely — giving you fast, ongoing support. Remote diagnostic services from our team can ensure your network runs smoothly at all times.  


Are you ready to give your home network a much-needed upgrade? Reach out to us through our online contact form or give us a call. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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