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Using Sonos for Excellent Audio in Your Atlanta, Home Theater

Create a Secondary Entertainment Area in any Available Space

Using Sonos for Excellent Audio in Your Atlanta, Home Theater

If you know anything about us, you know that we work hard to create the perfect Atlanta home theater experience. You can enjoy the sights of stunning 4K HDR displays and immersive Dolby Atmos audio in a dedicated space. But what if you want to expand home theater tech to another space – say a room above the garage or pool house? A wireless solution by Sonos just may be the answer. In this blog, we’ll explore the ways you can craft a secondary home theater with Sonos audio.

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Perfect for Surround Sound

When building a secondary home theater for guests, space is always a major consideration. Often the same area will have to accommodate sleeping arrangements as well as entertainment options. That’s where Sonos shines, by offering unobtrusive audio equipment that can be placed just about anywhere.

The best part? Your guests can still enjoy full 5.1 surround sound. By combining a Sonos sound bar – which offers three distinct channels – a sub and two satellite speakers, your secondary home theater can sound great without cluttering up the limited space. You can even select between the substantial Play:3 or the top-of-the-line Play:5 for a fully customizable sonic experience.

Connecting with Alexa

One of the biggest advances in smart technology in recent years has to be Amazon’s Alexa. Sonos has historically been resistant to integration with the voice control platform, but late in 2016 the audio company announced that they would begin collaboration. This has completely changed the way users interact with their system. Plus, you can even enjoy the convenience of a Control4 system.

To enjoy capabilities like adjusting the volume with your voice, or streaming music just by saying the words, you’ll need to integrate an Echo device. Neither Sonos nor Control4 offer native speakers in their products. However, once installed, Echo gives you access to each of your connected devices, be it your Sonos surround sound system or your 4K HDR display.

The Home Theater Experience     

Of course, a good home theater is more than just its sound system and video display. Connecting devices like lights, shades and thermostats to your Control4 system – along with seamless integration with Sonos – will help your guests feel welcomed and enjoy their stay even more.

If you’re looking for ways to offer traditional southern hospitality with 21st century technology, Atlanta Audio and Automation can help. Contact us to begin planning your secondary home theater today!