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Let Home Lighting Control Transform Your Entertainment Spaces

Atlanta Audio Provides the Perfect Lighting Solutions to Enhance Your Home

Let Home Lighting Control Transform Your Entertainment Spaces


Whether you are building a dedicated theater or you’re looking for the ultimate party space, customized home lighting control can transform the experience in your home. Automated lighting does more than simply make a room more beautiful, it can totally change the way you live in your house. And while a system that can keep you safe and illuminated is the barest of essentials, it’s a whole lot more fun to integrate the system with your smart entertainment to get a real scope of what it can do. Read on to find out more about how smart lighting can enhance your home.   



Enhance your Home Theater

You probably already shut off all the lights before you put on a movie in order to mimic the experience of a commercial movie theater. But integrated home lighting control offers more than a simple light switch. You can dim the lights, lower your screen, ramp up the surround sound system and start the projector with just the touch of a button. You can also install floor lights so that everyone will be able to see where they’re going when they get up. And if you have a bar or popcorn machine in your dedicated home theater, you can light up specific zones that won’t wash out the picture on the screen.

Wake Up to the Perfect Scene

Imagine: waking up to the dulcet sounds of your favorite music while the motorized shading throughout your house slowly rises and the different lighting zones in your rooms gradually become brighter until they are at the perfect brightness for breakfast time. Now imagine you can set a timer so this can happen again tomorrow, without a second though. Customized home lighting control can be integrated into preset “scenes” that create the perfect mood for any occasion, whether it’s waking up gently in the morning, family time in the afternoon or a romantic evening with your partner.

Transform Your Spaces

As baseball season hits its mid-season stride, you’re going to need a space to entertain your friends and family. A living room that can transform into a party area is the perfect solution – one that’s possible when you integrate your music system, television and lighting control into a simple command on your control device. Customized lighting can help transform your spaces for multiple uses without any hassle.

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