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Secrets to a Superb Sound System Installation in Your Atlanta Home


Just about every loves to listen to music. If you’re a fan of smart technology, you’ve probably already considered upgrading your Atlanta home with distributed audio via a whole house sound system installation. You’ve probably also debated whether or not to go with a wired system or a wireless setup. In this blog, we’ll show you why it’s smarter to invest in the former, and how it’s possible to distribute crystal clear audio across your entire property. Read on to learn more.

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Why Choose a Hardwired System?

You probably already know we love Sonos. There are few better ways to enjoy distributed, wireless audio than with a Sonos system. But when given the choice between wired and wireless, we almost always prefer a hardwired connection. Not only are they more reliable, but they sound better too.

You see, while wireless sound systems seem like they might be more convenient to some listeners, their performance is almost entirely dependent on the condition of the network and where they’re placed. A hardwired system never has a problem when it comes to thick walls and multiple device connections.

Additionally, hardwired systems rarely require much maintenance. After the initial installation, they tend to be more reliable because the cables used to connect them are embedded in walls where they can’t be tampered with. The results are a long-lasting system and a happy audiophile.

How to Distribute Across Your Entire Home

If you’re a true fan of AV gear, or you’re a dedicated follower of our blog, you may be thinking “how is it possible to distribute great sounding audio across an entire house?” It’s a great question because you know that your distributed sound system, as well as your distributed video gear, can benefit from HDMI 2.0, but those cables only reach a few feet. So how do we make beautiful AV possible across all of your spaces?

The answer is HDBaseT. It’s a relatively new distribution standard that’s growing in popularity in CE circles. The reason is simple: it can send full HD and UHD signals across any space, even outside, by using standard Cat5 or higher cables. Those are the same you use for everyday things light Ethernet.

How far does HDBaseT reach? It can reach distances of up to 300 feet without losing signal quality. That makes it incredibly valuable for your AV gear – most of which already has the appropriate encoding technology to support it.

Are you ready to enjoy better audio with a sound system installation in your Atlanta home? Contact us today!

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