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Crestron Home Centralizes Your Whole Living Space


Bring Your Entire Day Together with a Tap of a Button

A smart home system should always simplify your day-to-day life and take away any hassles that could arise from even ordinary tasks! But for a smart system to truly understand your daily needs, it must create a cohesive and centralized setup throughout your Atlanta, GA property.

This is where the Crestron Home platform shines! Effortlessly connect every smart solution and device in your home: With just the tap of a button, bridge the gap between every element of your smart home setup.

Want to find out more about the many solutions this innovative platform offers? Read on below and see how this system and its features can fit into your lifestyle – and check them out in our showroom!

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Comfy Environment

Crestron knows you don’t want to waste time getting your home’s comfort levels to where they need to be – whether it’s when you first wake up or when you return home after a long day at work. Crestron Home makes finding that perfect oasis within your four walls a breeze. Seamlessly integrating lighting automation, motorized shades, and climate control, your system can ensure that every component comes together to custom create a personalized home environment for you and your family.

Have your shades raise to let in gentle, natural sunlight in the morning, dim lighting to a warm, candle-light glow in the evening, and have your smart thermostat automatically adjust to the desired internal temperature. Let your shading accommodate any fluctuations in degree and watch lighting control take over any loss of light after your shading adjusts; each of these features is completely interwoven with one another that you’ll see them work together daily.

High-End Entertainment

Enjoy incredible home entertainment throughout your entire property anywhere you have high-fidelity speakers and TV displays installed. A whole-home audio-video system brings your favorite movies, music, and media to you, no matter what you’re doing.

Listen to dance tunes while you go about daily tasks, catch up on a TV show as you relax in the living room, or start a new audiobook or podcast while preparing a meal in the kitchen. You can manage every part of your AV system from the same smart device – such as your smartphone or touchpad – that you use to control your other Crestron Home solutions. It’s that simple.

Improved Security

Your family and home’s safety are your number one priority, and your smart home system should be able to cover this important aspect of your property as well! The Crestron Home platform effortlessly incorporates advanced security solutions into its system. All it takes to check in on your home and secure it is one button-press on your phone.

Whether you’re home or away, you can arm alarms, lock smart door locks, check surveillance cameras, and much more right from your handheld smart device. There won’t be any barriers or obstacles in your way when it comes to protecting your family and property with Crestron Home!

Want to learn more about these innovative features from an integrated Crestron Home system? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here – and come check out our showroom to see these solutions in action for yourself!

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