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Home Entertainment System Upgrades from CES 2016


The Consumer Electronics Show may be held in Las Vegas, but this year’s event means big things are coming to your home entertainment system here in Atlanta. Whether you’re looking for the highest resolution video displays, the most convenient control of your entire system or the next big thing in wireless surround sound, we’ve put together a list of our four favorite things to come out of the biggest technology show in the world.



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Sony Streamlines Their Smart TVs

Fans of Sony 4K televisions have something to look forward to in the coming year. Not only will their new line of TVs stay on the cutting edge of Ultra HD and HDR technology, but they’ve also announced a streamlining of their Android OS.

While sticking with the Lollipop Android system (with an eye toward launching the Marshmallow OS later this year), they’ve added some nice features like voice-enabled app control, easier searching on the You Tube app, and a simplified remote control with dedicated buttons for each of the apps.

Speaking of smart TVs, one manufacturer showcased a product that may be the next big thing: a seamless, modular display that can expand up to 170 inches. While this type of TV won’t show up on the market any time soon, it may be something to watch in the future.

Klipsch Steps up Wireless Audio

Look, we love Sonos, but if another great audio manufacturer like Klipsch wants to jump into the wireless audio game, we’re all for it. Their new Play-fi wireless technology will give you the ability to transform your existing 2-channel system into a surround sound, or even a whole house, audio system.

The Klipsch Power Gate offers the ability to connect and amplify your existing system to speakers throughout your home. A new line of speakers and soundbars will also feature native Play-Fi technology, so you’ll be able to build a brand new system if you prefer.

4K Blu-Rays are Finally Here  

So we’ve been talking about the inevitable roll-out of 4K Blu-Rays for a while, and it looks like CES 2016 was used as a launching pad. The new format will feature 4K resolution and HDR capabilities. Plus many Blu-Ray manufacturers like Warner Brothers and Lion’s Gate are committing to Dolby Atmos sound format, so you know your movies will sound as good as the look.

Control4 Unveils Car Integration

Ok, technically this is news for your entire smart home, not just your entertainment system. But we’re excited anyway. Control4 has announced plans to integrate automobiles with smart technology, giving you the ability to control your home from your car (like, say, prepping your home theater for an awesome movie night during your evening commute).

Unfortunately, this isn’t something you’ll be able to find at the car dealership right now. Control4 only presented a proof-of-concept, but it may be a huge step forward in the smart home revolution in the coming months.

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