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Which Speakers are Right For Your Whole House Audio System?



Plenty of Atlanta’s whole house audio systems are hampered by a simple, easily-overlooked aspect: the quality of the speakers. Whether they don’t offer the right quality of sound, don’t pack enough punch or they simply sound hollow, speakers can seem like more trouble than they’re worth. But they’re absolutely essential to listening to your music the way it was meant to be heard. We aim to resolve your reservations regarding your in-home audio. In this blog we’ll highlight some common problems with home speaker systems, and what to look for in your next purchase. 



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In-Wall Speakers

Common Problem: In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are a popular choice among a lot of homeowners because they help alleviate wall acne – objects that protrude from the walls and clutter up a space. But while hiding speakers is key for many homeowners, they do it at the expense of sound quality. Music can sound muffled and weak if played through the wrong speakers, so you don’t want to choose ones that impede your listening experience.

What to look for: Three things are equally important when looking for a quality in-wall or in-ceiling speaker system: an acoustically transparent grille, forward-facing sound imaging and powerful woofers.

In-floor standing units, sound image – or, where the sound seems to be coming from – is debatable. Some audiophiles prefer an image to appear to the side and slightly behind the speaker, as it does when a band is performing on stage. Others prefer an image that appears in front of the component, for a more immersive experience. Whatever your preference, you’ll want your in-wall equipment to create an image that’s front and center, otherwise your neighbors will be enjoying your music more than you!

Additionally, the same grille that will hide the drivers from view must be acoustically transparent, meaning it has to let the sound through. Pair this with a high-quality woofer and your music will sound robust, even when no speaker is visible.

Wireless Speakers

Common Problem: While their reputation has changed over the past decade thanks to companies like Sonos, wireless speakers are still frequently thought of as the lower-end alternative to hardwired speaker systems. And while we won’t go so far as to say you’ll get the same sound quality out of even the latest systems, there’s no denying that modern wireless units are becoming increasingly viable solutions for unobtrusive audio.

What to look for: Namely, Sonos. Look, Sonos is not the only manufacturer on the market today producing beautiful-sounding wireless components (you can learn about more options by contacting us), but it’s undeniably a leader in optimal sound quality.

The new Play:5 is a recently overhauled masterpiece, sporting six custom drivers for high fidelity reproduction at the highest and lowest pitches. And Trueplay software helps to calibrate each speaker for every room – including bedrooms, bathrooms and walk-in closets.

Floor Standing Speakers

Common Problem: Floor standing speakers are a staple of any 2-channel system worth its salt, but the large construction can present problems of its own. Poorly designed speakers can sound hollow and limit bass output, a problem that can be easily avoided.

What to look for:  Two types of basic construction exist, acoustic suspension (sealed box) and bass reflex (ported). The benefit of the sealed box is a more controlled accurate sounding bass, while a ported design may distort the bass slightly, but can achieve even lower levels and packs a bigger bang. The fact is, both have their pros and cons, and you can stop by our showroom to experience both.

Drop by or contact us today for more information on how we can enhance your whole house audio system.    



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