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What Makes Motorized Shades Stand Above Manual Ones?


Check Out Why Lutron Shading Is Superior

You’ve no doubt heard of motorized shades and how they can be the missing piece that completes your smart home experience. But what makes automated window treatments so special? Are they really all that different from manual ones?

In this blog, we’ll dive into what motorized shades can do for your Atlanta, GA home and why this smart solution is a must. Keep reading on below for more!

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In Comparison: Automated vs. Standard

What are the similarities between manual shades and motorized ones? For one, both offer protection from the harsh sunlight. Having window treatments can prevent solar heat gain, insulate your whole house, and provide stylish aesthetics for any room. Appearance-wise, traditional shades offer similar benefits when it comes to your interior design. Plus, staying cozy and comfortable is another trait both types of shading offer for homeowners.

But the big difference between automated and standard shades is convenience. Your traditional shades might offer protection and privacy by concealing your interiors but doing so can become quite a hassle. When you have to reach for a tassel or cord that’s swaying several feet above your head – simply lowering your shades is now a challenge. Suddenly, all the benefits of regular shades disappear when you cannot utilize them.

The Convenience of Motorized Shades

So how can the convenience of automated window treatments make all the difference? Besides letting you lower your shades all at once when you want privacy or protection from the heat, you can set the scene for any type of situation at home with high-end motorized shades from Lutron.

As you’re ready to watch a movie in your media room, you can avoid glares on your TV screen midday by simply pressing a button to lower your Lutron blackout shades. Suddenly, you’re enveloped in darkness and immersed in your media completely – without ever having to leave the couch or pause the movie.

When you want to cook in sunlight or eat breakfast with the sunrise, you can press a button on your smart device instead of stopping your meal prep or putting down the fork mid-bite. Lowering and raising shades can become second nature – or you can set your shades to a pre-determined schedule that matches the sun’s patterns and lets in the desired amount of sunlight throughout the day. It’s smart automation at its finest and most convenient.

Lutron also offers a variety of colors, patterns, styles, materials, and models to accommodate any space throughout your home. Set up the kitchen or front room with colorful sheer shades, while your media room can benefit from dual shading with blackout shades. The options are endless with such a trusted brand!

Want to find out more about motorized shades and why they stand above manual ones? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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