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What Are the Best Outdoor Speakers and Televisions?


Having the right equipment is vital when taking your favorite entertainment outdoors. Employing indoor speakers and TVs will result in lower quality and damaged equipment. You can get more out of your outdoor spaces during the warmer months with products that deliver the ultimate quality and withstand extreme weather and debris.

Are you curious as to where to find the best outdoor speakers and televisions for your Alpharetta, GA home? Read this blog to learn about two of our favorite manufacturers: Origin Acoustics and SunbriteTV. Do you want to watch the baseball game on the patio or listen to music while you lay out in the backyard? Each of these companies offers a wide range of products to meet all your outdoor entertainment needs.

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Outdoor Sound System

No outdoor entertainment solution is more popular than a dedicated sound system. Anyone can take a portable speaker outdoors or mount a couple on the exterior wall, but to cover the entire space efficiently, you need a dedicated outdoor sound system. Not only do you need products designed for outdoor use, but also the right layout to make them work.

Do you want to hear music on your patio? Then Origin Acoustic's Bollard Loudspeaker is an excellent option with an omnidirectional sound that will cover the area evenly. With a 70-volt amplifier behind it, you get great reach and power to overcome ambient noise.

Even more impressive is the company’s Acoustic Landscape Collection. This line of speakers and subwoofers comes in pre-packaged systems that cover areas ranging from 1,500 to 2,500 square feet. The satellite speakers go on exterior walls, on furniture, or within your landscaping elements. The subwoofer is designed to be buried to add bass and keep from interfering with your outdoor spaces.

Expert installers then take the system and design the ideal layout for the areas where you want to listen to music. Our designs consist of speakers evenly spread out and facing towards your home to both contain and amplify your favorite music. Finding the ideal number of speakers and space between them will then determine the quality of the overall sound.

outdoor home theater

Outdoor Home Theater

Keep up with your favorite movies, sports, and TV shows without having to be cooped up inside with an outdoor home theater. Now that you’ve got a sound system, it’s time to add a 4K ultra-bright display from SunbriteTV. On average, their televisions are three times brighter than indoor models and have anti-glare technology to function even when hit by sunlight.

Like with Origin Acoustics, there are various models to choose from though they are all designed to handle extreme temperature, debris, and even insects. Each model does vary on the effectiveness of its anti-glare technology and size options.

The Veranda Series, available from 43-75”, is 50% brighter than indoor TVs and ideal for shaded installations. Enjoy your TV in partial sunlight with the Signature Series (43-75”) that includes OptiView Technology, which automatically adjusts brightness in bright and dark environments. Do you want to watch in your backyard or pool where the TV will be exposed to direct sunlight? Go with the Pro Series HD displays available from 32” to 55”.

Even though you can listen to your TV through your Origin Acoustics sound systems, we recommend adding some power to your outdoor theater with a SunbriteTV soundbar. Get loud, clear sound with up to 90-watts of energy that quickly fills your viewing space. Our expert installers will safely place the soundbar and TV at the ideal location so everyone can enjoy your outdoor theater.

Do you want to learn more about how to expand the outdoor entertainment in your home? Apart from advising you on the best TVs and speakers for your space, we can add distributed AV solutions to make it easy to access all your favorite content from anywhere on your property.

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