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How to Expand the Limits of Your Home Theater With OpusCube

This LED Video Wall Makes Screens of Any Size and Configuration Possible

How to Expand the Limits of Your Home Theater With OpusCube

Recently Opus Brilliance released the OpusCube, a fine-pixel LED video wall ideal for commercial and home theater applications. It repurposes the same technology used in supersized screens like you’d see at sports stadiums to help expand the reach of residential displays.

The OpusCube is a state-of-the-art screen you can configure to meet any size, without sacrificing clarity or brightness. This modular video wall combines panels that automatically adjust to be the same color age and brightness as current panels to create one uniform image.

In this blog, we go a bit more in-depth into why OpusCube and similar video walls could make projectors obsolete in home theater installations in Atlanta, GA and throughout the country.

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The number one benefit of the OpusCube is the ability to customize it to any size. Many traditional flat screens don’t go beyond 80 inches, and even then they’re exorbitantly priced. Which is why many homes opt for projector-and-screen installations. The OpusCube eliminates those limitations. As long as the room allows it, you can go as big as you want without having to sacrifice a big chunk of your budget. It's easy to add and remove the magnetized panels as needed to create the ideal configuration. 

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Each panel is just two inches thick, contains no external cables and has a flat back, allowing for a sleek installation. There’s also no need for your installer or interior designer to try and find a clever way to hide a projector. The OpusCube can hang off the ceiling or be flush-mounted on the wall. Opus Brilliance even offers drop-down frames that cover the video wall with artwork when it's not in use.

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Fine-pixel video walls allow for 4K resolution at a much lower price point than projectors. The fine-pixel pitch allows for lifelike quality with a full range of color at any size. This HDR-quality image is practically impossible to achieve through a projector-and-screen combination. The fine pixels even perform better than traditional LEDs, allowing for deeper blacks and overall greater color contrast.


One of the reasons televisions, especially LED ones, are popular is because they are usually brighter than their screen counterparts. This means they're great for areas with high ambient light. However, in the past, they weren't feasible at a large scale. OpusCube lets you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy the brightness of an LED without having to sacrifice on size.


The OpusCube has a viewing life of more than 100,000 hours, much more than you get with many high-end home theater projectors. Another advantage the OpusCube has over projectors: low heat emission and quiet operation that won’t interfere with your theater’s surround sound. All the panels making up the video wall are front-serviceable, so the display does not have to be taken down for maintenance.


Want to check out this new technology firsthand? We are the only dealer in the Southeast to feature OpusCube in our showroom. Schedule a visit by calling (770) 977-9110, filling out our online contact form, or chatting with us directly on the bottom right.