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What's New and Exciting... the Dolby Atmos Home Theater

Transform your living room into a sophisticated home theater with amazing sound and true-to-life video quality

Dolby Atmos creates powerful, moving audio by introducing two important concepts to cinema sound; audio objects and overhead speakers.

Together, these completely change how soundtracks are created and heard. Traditional surround soundtracks confine all sounds to a small set of channels that can deliver sound to you from only a few perceived angles. They cannot put sound above you. Further, sounds exist only as part of a channel mix. If one sound is emphasized in a traditional mix, another must be diminished.

In Dolby Atmos, by contrast, sound can be freed from channels. It enables artists to treat specific sounds as individual entities, called audio objects. These can be precisely placed and moved by the soundtrack creator anywhere in the cinema's three-dimensional space—they are not confined to specific channels—though the artist can continue to use channel capabilities as desired. The Dolby Atmos cinema processor then determines which of a cinema's huge array of front, back, side, and overhead speakers it will use to recreate this lifelike movement. As a result, a Dolby Atmos soundtrack brings alive the onscreen story as never before possible. The movie's sounds flow all around you to completely immerse you in the action, heightening the impact of the story and creating a powerfully moving cinema experience.  You won't just hear the rain falling during a rainstorm, you will hear the rain falling as if it was in your own living room.

Dolby Atmos for the Home Benefits

  • Moving audio that flows around you. You'll feel like you're inside the action as the sounds of people, music, and things come alive with breathtaking realism and move all around you in three-dimensional space.
  • Reproduces all of the audio objects in the original cinema mix. Reproduces up to 128 simultaneous audio objects mixed for rich, realistic, and breathtaking sound. Compatible with your existing setup.
  • Dolby Atmos® content is fully compatible for playback on a conventional stereo and on 5.1- and 7.1-channel systems. To get the full experience, you can easily build on your current surround sound system.
  • A growing library of content. As movie directors increasingly choose Dolby Atmos for their soundtracks, you'll find a growing library of movies and other content on Blu-ray Disc™ and online from premium services. This is surely an experience you want to hear.

Come and visit us at our Buckhead showroom to hear and learn about the Dolby Atmos experience.

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