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Is Google Assistant the Next Big Thing in Smart Home Automation?


Remember a few months back when we told you that there were big changes coming to your smart home automation system thanks to Control4? One of the biggest was compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa voice-control platform. Now homeowners can take advantage of the well-reviewed interface to easily enjoy the features of their integrated technology. But a successful product is bound to ignite competition. That’s appeared in the form of Google Assistant compatibility with Control4 systems. Find out how this is heating up the voice-control market after the jump.

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What is Google Assistant?

Much like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant is an interactive voice control platform primarily used for Google Home – a smart home hub similar to the Echo. This past October, Control4 announced that like Alexa and Amazon’s line of hubs, Google Assistant would also work with their latest update.

According to CE Pro:

"On Monday, Oct. 31, [app developer] Chowmain will update the Control4 IFTTT driver to include Google Home and Google Assistant, so users can tell their thermostats to go to a specific setpoint, dim the lights to a specific level, select a channel on the living-room TV, open motorized shades a little or a lot, launch a VACATION scene, or even broadcast text-to-speech announcements throughout their home via Control4’s multiroom audio system – in a way that currently cannot be achieved with Alexa.”

The “way that cannot currently be achieved” with Amazon’s flagship interface is the addition of customized voice controls, or “trigger phrases.” Because Google’s platform integrates directly with the IFTTT driver, users can customize their control more deeply than with Alexa.

What Are the Benefits of Google Assistant?

It seems like customizability is key to Google’s approach to the smart home. They allow third-party manufacturers to program “actions” – i.e. voice command functions – into their devices for simple use. The actions break down into three categories: Direct, Conversation and Embedded. Direct is a straightforward command, conversation entails a response question from the device and embedded allows manufacturers to build Assistant functionality directly into their products.

As of right now, Google only sports native compatibility with a few smart devices like Nest and Philips Hue, but they are currently working to develop relationships with other developers for more control options.

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