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How Leon Adds Elegance to Your Home Audio Video


Embrace the Power of Hidden Technology in Your Home Entertainment

With the rollout of a new generation of smart home tech, home audio and video has become more powerful and more accessible than ever before.

We recently worked with a client in Sandy Springs, GA who wanted a powerful home audio system without the unsightly wires and cobbled-together feel of even some of today’s most powerful audio tech.

Large speakers that give you the audio experience you crave can often take up far too much space and change the look and feel of the rooms of your home. When you’ve worked hard on your decor and the arrangement of each space, you want home audio and video solutions that integrate seamlessly with the rest of your home.

We were able to provide our client in Sandy Springs with a solution that allowed them to create beautiful soundscapes in their home without the tech dominating the space visually.

There are plenty of hidden tech options that allow you to integrate audio throughout the entirety of your home—here’s what we recommend.

Leon—Some of the Most Powerful High-Performance Speakers Around

When our customers want the highest quality options on the market, we go to Leon. Their Vault Series and Axis Series of speakers are perfect for homeowners who want to avoid the visual noise of massive speakers while still getting that big-speaker sound.

What we love about Leon is that many of their products are designed from the ground up to work in synchrony with other pieces of audio and tech.

Many of our customers have an extensive system of smart tech in their homes, and they need their hidden speakers to integrate with everything from Apple TV to Alexa to video cameras and home theater systems.

Leon is known across the industry for solutions that allow you to put all your tech in one spot and not have it spread across your home. For example, their Horizon Interactive Fit is an incredible product that allows you to store all kinds of tech in a single space and integrate it with your existing video set up.

This allows you to, for example, keep your Amazon Echo Dot off your kitchen counter and stored away yet still accessible, cleaning up the appearance of your home while still providing the smart home tech you need in your everyday life.

Let’s Talk About How We Can Integrate Hidden Tech Into Your Home

Leon is just one of the ways we blend technology with interior design. We specialize in customized solutions for customers with high expectations. Let’s talk about how we can design and build the audiovisual system of your dreams. Set up a meeting with our team by filling out our contact form, giving us a call or chatting with us below.

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