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Craft an Elegant Outdoor Space With Home Lighting Control


If you're an outdoor-type, you probably know that you can set up a beautiful entertainment system and enjoy excellent audio in your backyard and pool area. But a huge part of turning your Atlanta property's exterior space into a functional and fun environment is integrating home lighting control. It's important to remember that outdoor lighting is different from interior setups. In this blog, we'll give you some smart tips on enjoying the outdoors with elegant and long-lasting lights.

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Longer Lasting Lights

When crafting an outdoor lighting solution, it's important to consider how long the lights will last. Inside, it's easy enough to change a bulb – even when you have to grab the step ladder and screwdriver – but what do you do when you have to drain the pool or fix other hard-to-reach areas?

The fact is, you don't want to burden yourself with bulbs that should be changed often. That's why LED lights are the perfect solution. Not only are they beautiful, dimmable and customizable, but they last a very long time. How long? If you left them on all day and all night, they could last up to 11 years without replacement.

Beautiful Brightness

What other fun things can you do with a lighting installation in your backyard? Grab the grill and get cooking for a family party that lasts all night. You won't have to worry about turning them on; use timers to raise the lights when the sun goes down. Plus, you can program a particular scene – choose colors, select brightness and create a layered effect – and access it with a single touch on your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, you can have motion sensors installed to help alert you if a young member of the family wanders too far away or too close to the pool.

Energy Efficiency

For many homeowners, reducing their carbon footprint is key. Whether it's because you want to reduce energy costs, or you just want to lessen your impact on the environment, smart lighting can help you conserve energy. Plus, if you have LED lights installed, they are produced without harmful chemicals so they won't do any damage to the planet.

Traditional incandescent bulbs burn off a lot of the electricity they use for power. They only use about 20 percent efficiently. In the past, the lower-energy alternative, fluorescent bulbs, produced ugly, harsh light. On the other hand, LED lights use 70 – 80 percent of the electricity used to power them, allowing them to run longer, cooler and much more efficiently.

Are you ready to enjoy the great outdoors with home lighting control? Contact us today.

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