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Install a Home Theater for the Perfect Entertainment Escape

See and Hear Your Home Media Like Never Before in Atlanta

Install a Home Theater for the Perfect Entertainment Escape


A home theater can come in virtually any shape or size. Whether you’re looking for a fully immersive, dedicated private cinema or simply a place to enjoy the Braves game with your friends and family, a theater can be customized to reflect your personal style and specifications. But no matter how you plan to utilize your space, you’ll want to make sure your components are optimized for peak performance – whether they’re in or out of your house. Read on to find out how your home theater can transform the way you experience your home entertainment.

Customize Seating for a Great Experience

For many homeowners, a home theater is a place for the whole family to come together for quality time with a nice movie or television show. For others, it’s a place to experience the way their favorite films were meant to be seen and heard. Whatever your preference, the right seating can make all the difference when designing a theater. While a nice, plush couch or recliner may seem like a comfortable option, it may interfere with the sound quality or disrupt the viewing angle. Customized theater seating by Palliser is a comfortable and functional solution for viewing movies and achieving the best possible sound and image in your space. Whether you’re a true film buff or simply looking to augment your family time, customized seating is a great option for any home theater.

Hear More With Dolby Atmos

Home audio has changed, and you can thank the experts at Dolby. Say “goodbye” to the old-fashioned, multi-channel surround sound systems of yesteryear, and “hello” to the most robust, fully immersive sound quality you’ve ever heard in your home. Dolby Atmos revolutionizes the way you hear movies: from front, behind and above. While traditional surround sound assigns each sound object to a specific channel – which means you can only hear it coming from one speaker zone at a time – Dolby Atmos frees the sound, giving it the ability to travel among the various components for realistic, three-dimensional sound like never before.

And with 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs scheduled to be released later this year – rumored to include Dolby Atmos sound specifications – there’s no better time to install one of the most advanced sound systems in your home theater.

Enhance Your Outdoor Entertainment 

Of course, there’s no need to be cooped up in your house for the rest of the summer simply to enjoy high-quality entertainment. Enjoy a baseball game and the warmth of the season with an outdoor home theater in your yard or pool area. Sunbrite offers a large selection of weather and heat resistant, ultra-bright televisions with crisp, clear high definition picture. Sonance Outdoor series speakers ensure hearty audio quality throughout your outdoor spaces. Lutron also provides excellent lighting solutions that can augment the security, beauty and fun of your yard well into the night. With an outdoor home theater, your backyard will quickly become your favorite room of the house.

Are you ready to improve your Atlanta, Georgia entertainment experience with a home theater installation? Contact us to get started on yours today.