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A Whole House Audio System Gets You Psyched for Sound



There’s never been a better time to be an audiophile. Today you can carry virtually endless amounts of music in your pocket, or re-create the sonic wonder of a commercial movie theater in the comfort of your own home. New ways to experience your audio seem to be popping up every day, so it’s not surprising that people are returning to the classic formats – albeit with a modern twist – for true auditory fulfillment. From dedicated, 2-channel listening rooms to high-fidelity speakers in every room, whole house audio systems have never been more popular throughout Atlanta, Georgia. Take a look at how smart audio can enhance your listening experience.



Echo of the Past: 2-Channel Audio

Simply put, the best sound you’re going to get out of your movies is from a Dolby Atmos system. But for your music it’s best to go with a classic 2-channel set-up. Whether you’re listening to your extensive collection of vinyl or nearly infinite library of uncompressed digital music, a 2-channel configuration – along with a heavy-duty subwoofer – will capture every detail the way it was meant to be heard.

Take the Paradigm Monitor 7 v7 freestanding speakers for instance. They provide high-fidelity sound without taking up too much space. Detailed imaging, intense base and grand scale, these speakers sound much bigger than they look. Perfect for the listening room floorplan that doesn’t offer a lot of room as well as for the audiophile with an eye for design, the 7 v7 speaker are the perfect addition to any 2-channel system.

Music in Any Room

No matter how much you want to spend your whole life in your dedicated listening room, unfortunately, you’ll have to leave at some point. But never fear – you can make any room of your home an excellent listening space. With both hardwired and wireless options available, smart audio is a dream come true for music lovers.

For the design-minded individual, the Visual Performance Series of in-wall speakers by Sonance offer top sound quality with minimal visual impact. Unlike many in-wall and in-ceiling speaker models, the VP series isn’t intended to be invisible, rather they are crafted to complement any décor. And they offer a subtly detailed sound with audible undertones and high-impact base to make them essential for any room.

Are you ready to experience high-fidelity sound in every room of your Atlanta, Georgia home? Contact us to get started on your whole house audio installation today. 


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