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Imagine More with Control4 and Josh ai


Installing Josh ai with your control4 Home Automation system unleashes the possibilities of your smart home!

Installing Josh with your Atlanta Control4 system unleashes the possibilities of your smart home while enabling every family member with a personalized and inclusive control platform. Freely make multiple requests in a single command, contextually adjust your surroundings, and conveniently search for your favorite media content, thanks to Josh’s knowledge of Control4’s connected devices.  In addition to luxurious design and elegant user experiences, every Josh interaction remains private thanks to its steadfast commitment to keeping user data secure. Snap One is excited to bring Josh’s innovation to every Control4 home!  

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A Natural Voice Experience

Josh.ai offers an elegant voice solution that integrates seamlessly with your Control4 Smart Home system, giving you hands-free control over the devices and experiences that are integrated. Josh’s natural language processing keeps you from having to memorize scripted or clunky phrases. Josh understands a variety of accents and dialects and can respond to over 1,000,000 voice queries. Plus, Josh uses machine learning to continuously learn and improve over time.

Can I trust Josh?

Josh was built with data security in mind, and it will never sell nor share information about its users. Josh microphones can be physically muted to ensure it does not accidentally activate during private or noisy moments. While Josh is continuously learning, every client is able to control how much data is saved by Josh to optimize their smart home experience.

Josh Micro:  small but mighty

Josh Micro may fit in the palm of your hand, but do not be fooled. This little device can power even the largest homes. With state-of-the-art voice control and intelligence built in, the Josh experience is easy yet powerful.

Josh Micro’s sleek design fits seamlessly into any room. Choose from Carrera White or Onyx Black; either can be discreetly mounted to a wall or table.

finely tuned, hands-free control

Equipped with a powerful far-field microphone array, Josh Micro can hear you from across the room, providing simple hands-free assistance. And Josh Micro is more than just voice control, it is equipped with an array of sensors enabling more contextual awareness and smart automations.

With a multi-purpose capacitive touch dial, Josh Micro adapts to your latest command. Saying “Turn on the lights” transforms the touch dial to a dimmer, while “Play some music” enables volume control. Josh Micro’s touch-sensitive surface allows for custom event triggers. Single or double tap to trigger a scene, from setting the perfect mood, to turning off your entire home.

Josh nano:  built to blend in

Josh Nano is slightly larger than a quarter yet is optimized to control the largest and most advanced properties. By utilizing Josh Core as the brain of the system, the assistant's place in the smart home has been reimagined.

Josh Nano knows what room you are in and what devices to control. Effortlessly set the mood throughout your day by tuning lights, adjusting shades, playing music, and more!

Disigned to Disappear

Out of sight, but never out of mind. Whether Josh Nano is positioned on a wall or ceiling, it is always ready for your next request. Josh Nano is available in Coral White and Jet Black and can also be camouflaged with a custom-painted cover to fit any aesthetic.

Josh core:  bigger, faster, and stronger

Josh Core connects directly with the local network and processes everything it can on site for a more stable, powerful, and private smart home experience. Josh Core is the most robust and versatile component of the Josh.ai ecosystem, and communicates with Josh Micro and Josh Nano.

purpose-built for custom installation

A rack mountable processor that can be configured for high availability and redundancy, Josh Core offers multiple VLAN support for enterprise-grade networking deployments while scaling to support projects with up to 100 microphones.

josh platform access:  always learning

Josh.ai software includes device discovery and control with a proprietary natural language processing engine, machine learning, and a suite of elegant apps for intuitive home control. As a professionally installed system, Josh provides the flexibility to scale up - no matter the size, duration, or complexity of the project.

Josh is continuously growing and improving based on the data that clients are comfortable sharing. The more you interact with Josh, the more it will become tailored to your needs. Every Josh user also receives over-the-air software updates on a bi-weekly cadence, continuously providing new features and improvements.

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