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What Does a Proper Home Theater Design Entail?


AV Solutions, Acoustics, & Comfy Seating

A home theater should bring everything you’d find at the local cinema right into the comfort of your own home – but leave all the negative features at the door! No more sticky floors, overpriced snacks, or too-talkative seat neighbors. Well, that last one might still be unavoidable – however, your dedicated home theater design can instead match the views, sounds, and comforts of a commercial cinema and improve them tenfold!

In this blog, we’ll dive into what design aspects truly make up the ultimate home theater in your Atlanta, GA living space and how these features can take your entertainment setup to the next level. Keep reading below to find out more.

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The Views: Displays that Draw You In

When you leave your home theater, you want to experience the same feeling you get once you walk out of the commercial cinema: to be blown away! The first design aspect that can have your home theater stand apart from the rest is its visuals. When you have a stunning image display setup, you have nailed a good portion of what makes the perfect home theater design.

Whether 4K or 8K UHD resolution, your display could be a projector and projection screen that both lower instantly from the ceiling at the touch of a button – or a flatscreen that can similarly reveal itself. Vivid, lifelike visuals can take your breath away and transport you into the world of the film from start to finish – making every viewing an immersive and transformative experience! And that’s everything you could ask from a dedicated, custom home theater.

Surround Sound: Immerse Yourself in High-End Audio

A film’s audio is pretty much half of its artistry at play – so you want to ensure that your theater’s soundscape is up to par. With high-fidelity speakers in place – behind, in front of, above, and all around you – you can feel the surround sound envelop you every time a new scene starts, from the quiet dialogue moments and ambient noise to the sweeping soundtrack.

Atlanta Audio & Automation will install the proper acoustic paneling to guarantee a perfectly calibrated home theater space. There won’t be excess echoing or absorption skewing your media’s audio performance. You’ll always hear crystal-clear, high-end audio quality whenever you press play!

Comfortable Seating: Kick Back & Relax

Of course, the comfy seating that some might miss about the cinemas could also be a topic of debate among movie-goers. Depending on which cinema you go to, the seating can either be plush and soft – or practically like sitting on cardboard the whole film. But with your own home theater design, you can rest assured that your seats are like a pillow you can sink into every time.

Our team of professionals will help advise over your seating layout and the fabric of the seats themselves, both having a significant impact on your room’s acoustics. Choose a more traditional design or go wild with your seating and base their design off a favorite film’s world or setting. In the end, your seating might be the first part of the room you or your guests will experience before the movie starts. Make sure yours far surpasses what you’d find in the local cinema!

Want to find out more about crafting the ultimate home theater design in your own living space? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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