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The Leaders of Design & Innovation

Meet the companies that we call partners. They form the foundation of our product specifications thanks in part to their best-in-class performance, breadth of product offering and ongoing technological innovation. Top-notch partners let us deliver unrivaled results in our projects throughout Atlanta and Alpharetta.


Experience personalized control for your unique lifestyle with the power of Control4. Connect virtually any device in your home or business to work together, and command them all with customized one-touch controls and scenes from your system remote or smart device of choice. Whether you’re home or away, Control4 gives you the power to command and monitor your estate or business in one platform. The transformative benefits of a smart connected home and business with Control4 delivers convenience, peace of mind and an efficient environment that’s comfortable and safe.

  Control4  logo

The lifestyle you deserve from the premier name in home automation.  The feeling you get from luxury  can’t be measured.  A Crestron home is all about total comfort and convenience.   Crestron doesn’t add technology to your life; we simplify it.   You can easily control everything, room-by-room,   Using our elegant touch screens, keypads and remotes – or anytime, anywhere from your favorite smart device. That’s the Crestron lifestyle. Enjoy beauty, comfort and convenience throughout your home’s interior with elegant style.

crestron logo integrated by design

Inventors of the solid-state dimmer in 1959 and now holders of 2,700 worldwide patents, Lutron has expanded their product offering to more than 15,000 products. Lutron makes it possible to craft the perfect atmosphere at home or in the workplace to complement your day-to-night activities with personalized lighting and shading control for enhanced comfort and productivity. Recall your favorite settings from a master keypad or remote to easily transform your environment with just a tap or set your lights and shades to adjust on their own so you can focus on the activity at hand. From the workplace to the home, Lutron provides sophisticated solutions for custom lighting and shading that operate seamlessly at your command.
  Lutron  logo
Josh AI

Speak to your smart home like you would a family member or friend with Josh, a sophisticated voice-controlled automation system created by Denver-based artificial intelligence company Josh.ai. Josh uses proprietary Natural Language Processing technology so you can command your home in whatever way feels most comfortable. Josh will learn your daily patterns and take note of your preferences to make your smart home experience more effortless than ever. Since its founding in 2015, Josh.ai has put your privacy and protection first, promising never to sell your data and giving you full control over how much information your home collects. Use Josh with best-in-class smart home products like Control4, Lutron, Nest, Sony and more, and control your whole home from anywhere in the world with your smartphone.

Delight your senses with professional-grade home media room and custom theater solutions designed to harmonize both picture and sound for a breathtaking, true-to-life experience. Unprecedented contrast, color and realism are made possible with Sony’s proprietary technologies that also lead in pixel-by-pixel detail for texture you can practically feel. Whether you’re outfitting a multi-purpose media room or a dedicated private cinema, Sony’s line of premium 4K HDR projectors and TV displays, AV receivers and high-resolution speakers work in tandem to craft the immersive experience intended by film and video game creators.
  Sony  logo

Coastal Source outdoor audio and lighting products are built with integrity. Their innovative designs solve real-world problems and endure intense environmental testing to yield the industry’s most reliable, high-performance outdoor audio and lighting systems available on the market today.

With more than 60 years of hands-on industry experience, they continue to design pioneering solutions that help families share fun, memorable moments in their own great outdoors.

Monitor Audio

For over 40 years, Monitor Audio has specialized in hi-fi loudspeaker designs for any application. The British company delivers sonically superior solutions for surround sound, stereo systems and discrete architectural installations. Monitor Audio loudspeakers rely on their trademark metal dome drivers to offer more life-like sound than their plastic or paper counterparts. Experience high-quality sound in indoor and outdoor environments without sacrificing strength or depth. Every music lover will find their perfect match through their full range of standing loudspeakers, bookshelf speakers, soundbars and surround sound speakers. Limit the impact on your décor with their elegant SoundFrame solution which masks your speakers behind beautiful works of art. Integrate sleek amplifiers that elevate the power and style of your stereo or surround sound systems.


Find the pinnacle of high-performance audio solutions for home theater systems, outdoor sound and 2-channel audio through a wide range of Paradigm loudspeakers. Optimized through a perfect balance of construction design and engineering, Paradigm speakers offer the ultimate value for high-end sound. Relying on in-house audio research, Paradigm constantly re-tests, re-measures and re-designs their speakers for superior sound quality every time. Even the most critical listeners will be amazed by the clarity and power of sound emanating from their loudspeakers while listening to music or movie soundtracks. Variables within the room can easily affect sound quality, which is why all Paradigm speakers include Anthem Room Correction technology. ARC eliminates these variables by comparing room acoustics to the company’s lab standards to get rid of adverse results through custom calibration.

Origin Acoustics
Origin Acoustics leads the industry in high-fidelity architectural speaker solutions that redefine your auditory experience. Enjoy pristine sound from any angle in your home or business with Origin’s in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that intelligently pivot to focus the sound at the designated listening area. Installation is seamless, accomplishing sightless audio from discreet grilles that blend into your décor and deliver astonishing sonic performance when you want it. From your bedroom to your yacht and even the outdoors, Origin has a delicately crafted speaker system for any place you desire.
  Origin Acoustics  logo
Screen Innovations

Unleash the full potential of your home theater with Screen Innovation’s masterful indoor and outdoor screen models. Revolutionize your viewing experience with ambient light rejecting screens so you can enjoy your favorite films even during the day. Embrace the big screen experience in a stylish environment with their sleek, zero edge models that fit seamlessly in any space. Now you can even take your screen on the go with the Solo line model featuring a portable cassette and a two-year battery life. Tiles and rear projection screens, meanwhile, allow unique and engaging digital signage solutions for businesses. Recently, Screen Innovations has also released motorized shades for indoor and outdoor use in a wide range of models and colors.

Epson is a leader in serving customers by being top manufacturer in the printer, professional imaging, projector, scanner, systems devices, and factory automation categories. Founded in Japan, Epson has been innovating for over seventy years. They strive to deliver high performance products, services and solutions that exceed customers’ expectations.

logo product epson

With over ten thousand independent and major studio motion picture films, TV series, concerts and documentaries available, Kaleidescape serves homeowners the most pristine menu of 4K Ultra HD entertainment to be enjoyed from the comfort of their couches. Kaleidescape combines movie players and servers with online selection and delivery of the highest quality media, taking the top spot for must-have content sources that power your home theater or media room. Browse, select and purchase any content you desire, and upload your physical media to be stored digitally with the rest of your entertainment. The intuitive interface is designed for graceful navigation of your selections and settings so you never have to take your eyes off the screen.
  Kaleidescape  logo
Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen is a global luxury-lifestyle brand founded in 1925 in Struer, Denmark by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen whose devotion and vision remains the foundation for the company. The rich heritage built around the relentless determination to create products that push the boundaries of audio technology continues to place the company at the forefront of audio innovation. Today, every Bang & Olufsen product is still characterised by the unique combination of beautiful sound, timeless design, and unrivalled craftsmanship.

Leon Speakers

Enjoy personalized, American-made speakers and sound sculptures that look as beautiful as they sound when you choose Leon. Each audio solution is an elegant balance of stunning design and innovative technology, delicately manufactured in a way that helps reshape the way people experience culture. Leon is widely known for their award-winning sound and unrivaled level of customization, building speakers by hand and to your exact specifications. Choose from their collection of custom soundbars, ceiling and wall speakers, outdoor speakers, and even elevate the design of your TV displays with Leon’s handcrafted media décor.

 Leon Speakers   logo
Backed by over two decades of in-house, hands-on design and audio engineering, Anthem is the brand of choice for knowledgeable audiophiles, professional musicians and casual listeners alike. Anthem’s award-winning preamplifiers, amplifiers and AV receivers deliver an unprecedented level of reliability and functionality for world-class home theaters, dedicated listening rooms and more. Revel in perfectly optimized audio performance in your Atlanta home with Anthem’s proprietary room correction technology that sonically ensures top-quality sound throughout any space in your home. Promising pure audio with no trace of coloration or risk of distortion, Anthem always puts you front and center with your favorite entertainment.
 Anthem  logo
Martin Logan

Designing and building the best electrostatic speaker in the world has been MartinLogan’s primary purpose since its foundation almost forty years ago. Crafting one that delivered the same resounding bass as a traditional loudspeaker was the most significant challenge. Over the years, they have more than delivered on their promise through their “Truth in Sound” philosophy. There is a commitment to lifelike accuracy and astounding power in each of their products. MartinLogan still specializes in a wide range of electrostatic loudspeakers from the affordable Vista to the immense Neolith able to deliver 1300 Watts of power. The company even offers specialized home theater loudspeakers and a multi-channel soundbar. Handcrafted designs, Anthem Room Correction technology and expert engineering make them the standard for electrostatic speakers throughout the world.

Home audio making good sound great. The way we see it (and hear it) we aren’t just making superb home audio equipment—we’re making our customers’ lives better. Sure, the pieces we build deliver stunning, amazing audio—sound beautiful enough to make your living room pulse like a concert hall and your home theater rumble like a Hollywood studio. But it’s that loftier goal—the goal of improving lives and making people happy—that drives us and fires our passion.
Audio Control
Yamaha Best-in-class sound quality, superior reliability and easy-to-use features are the hallmarks of the Yamaha home theater and home audio experience. Take a dramatic leap forward in audiovisual entertainment with studio-grade AV receivers, soundbars, wired and wireless speakers, turntables and more for the ultimate in audio performance no matter the application. From single-room to expansive whole-building solutions, Yamaha features audio systems and accessories that are built to fit in any space within your home or office. Experience a fully customized soundscape of unsurpassed clarity and tonal accuracy for top tier listening enjoyment every time.
 Yamaha   logo

From stunning, classic designs to interactive, adaptive portability, this range of one-of-a-kind, QLED Smart TVs uniquely reflect your space and your aesthetic.

samsung logo

LG Home Theater:  A Complete Cinema
Whether it’s premium TVs or smart products, LG brings entertainment to your living room.  Experience the Power of OLED TVs and greatest OLED generation with better contrast, color display and gaming compatibility than ever before.

Crafted specifically for outdoor use, SunbriteTV displays deliver the ultimate brightness and image quality even in direct sunlight. Housed within a durable aluminum case, they can withstand extreme temperatures, UV rays, dirt and rain. Although huge in the residential market, SunBriteTVs are so reliable that they are used in many professional stadiums including Yankee Stadium and Wrigley Field. Their TV lines vary depending on whether you want to watch in full shade, partial sun or full sun environments. Each model is 2-3 times brighter than indoor displays to make up for ambient lighting. Models for full shade and partial sun are also available in 4K UHD video resolution. With sizes ranging from 32 inches to 75 inches, there’s a solution for any home entertainment system.
  Sunbrite  logo
Seura Mirrored TVs
Revel in the perfect harmony of design and technology with Séura’s award-winning line of smart mirrors and TV solutions for your indoor and outdoor spaces. Improve your morning routine with Séura SMART technology that incorporates seamlessly into a custom vanity for total home control at the touch of your bathroom mirror. Elevate your living room with intelligent 4K TV displays that disguise as beautifully framed mirrors when turned off. And see yourself in the best possible light with elegantly lighted mirrors that illuminate your bathrooms without the need for cluttered sconces and light fixtures. Certified as a Woman-owned Business Enterprise and with all products manufactured in Green Bay, Wisconsin, all Séura products get to wear the badge of Made in the USA by American craftsman.
  Seura Mirrored TVs  logo
Established in the early 1980s, Southern California-based Dana Innovations is the parent company of Sonance, iPort and TRUFIG. Sonance specializes in designing high-quality audio systems for luxury homes and businesses that work in virtually any environment, from in-wall and in-ceiling to expansive outdoor landscapes and more. Enjoy sightless surround sound that immerses you into your favorite blockbuster film or musical soundtrack with discreet speaker solutions that complement any indoor décor. Embrace outdoor audio with speakers hidden throughout your gardens and foliage. With Sonance, delight in immaculate sound with minimal visual impact thanks to the beautiful blending of technology and aesthetics.
 Sonance   logo

Luma Surveillance™ is more than a series of cameras and recorders. It’s the ability to keep you and your family safe. It’s confidence while you’re away from home. It’s the gift of watching what truly matters: your child’s first steps, your dog’s anticipation of your arrival home, your surprise birthday party, all captured in HD. It’s Luma – and it’s going to change your life.

Avigilon is an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced solutions in video analytics, cloud storage, security cameras, video management software and hardware, access control and more. Avigilon empowers security teams with scalable, integrated video surveillance and access control solutions that work reliably together and can be accessed anywhere, any time. Never miss the details with Avigilon surveillance cameras that feature self-learning video analytics, high-quality imaging and maximum coverage in broad daylight and absolute darkness. Protect what matters most with Avigilon’s flexible, browser-based access control systems perfect for businesses and institutions of all sizes.
 Avigilon  logo
Enjoy high-end seating for home theaters, lounges, executive offices and more with luxury seating products from Fortress. For more than 75 years, Fortress has been designing high-quality seating for executives and boardrooms but entered the home theater market in the 1990s to fill a significant gap in custom-made home theater seating. Fortress believes seating is personal, and that is why they build each chair to order. Choose from over 30 standard models or receive custom-designed seating that precisely maximizes the space, comfort and beauty of your theater room. Whether you desire traditional theater chairs, loungers, chaises, sofas or sectionals, Fortress can perfectly tailor your vision for both form and function to bring your dream theater seating to life.
   Fortress logo

Since our founding in 1944, we've focused on creating exceptional products for the entire home and delivering meaningful value to our customers.  Today, we are committed to achieving this vision at every step in the process, from design through delivery.  We consider it a privilege to be in the homes of consumers around the world. Our vision is to provide high-quality furnishings that allow you to express yourself. We're proud to be recognized as a design leader and style authority–yet it's our reputation for quality that we value most.  Come visit our showrooms for selection and model information on home theater seating.

Salamander Designs
At Salamander Designs, innovation and specialization take center stage when designing AV furniture. Not only does Salamander Designs specialize in AV cabinets, but they also offer racks, stands and home theater seating. All units are built-to-order in the United States, whether working with a pre-designed model or building from scratch. Explore a wide range of styles, materials, sizes and finishes to build the ideal solution for your home. A design configurator on their website guides you through the process based on the technology you wish to include. Beyond the overall aesthetics, each piece of furniture enhances the performance of your electronics while facilitating their maintenance. Leveraging precise aluminum frames and natural materials, Salamander Designs delivers products built to last.
 Salamander Designs   logo
Google Nest

With the Google Assistant built in, Google Home Hub lets you see and control compatible devices in a single dashboard. And it works seamlessly with Nest products to help make your home secure and comfortable. Google Home Hub works with the Nest Hello video doorbell to show you who’s at the front door, so you never miss friends, family, or package deliveries. Just say, “Hey Google, show me the front door.” Or just say things like, “Hey Google, make it warmer.” You can also adjust the temperature right on the Google Home Hub screen. Finally, see what’s happening outside by asking things like, “Hey Google, show me the backyard.” Google Home Hub works with Nest Cam IQ outdoor to show you what your kids or furry friends are up to.

hero google plus nest

Araknis is your network ecosystem.   Araknis products are expertly engineered to deliver best-in-class performance and support a wide variety of networking needs.  With Araknis, you’ll get supreme dependability, even in the most demanding environments.

Araknis LogoNEW 701 2020

Ketra Lighting

Breathe natural light into your spaces with low voltage, tunable LED lighting from Ketra. Ketra makes up the world’s most advanced lighting system, drenching residential and commercial spaces in the widest range of pristine whites and vibrant colors from a single source. Conjure the warm glow of an incandescent, the cool of moonlight or effortlessly create your own colors with advanced Dynamic Spectrum control. Ketra not only adds beauty to your spaces but encourages improved productivity and relaxation with human-centric lighting that mimics the sun’s rays. Command your Ketra light bulbs and fixtures from the convenience of your smartphone or wireless keypads or integrate Ketra with the rest of your smart home through the Lutron HomeWorks QS luxury automation system.

American Lighting
Founded in 1989, American Lighting, Inc. manufactures a wide range of lighting solutions for your residential, commercial and specialty lighting needs. We pride ourselves in being a lighting solutions provider by offering our customers a broad line of innovative and high quality lighting products. Continued innovation is a core strategic initiative at American Lighting, and we are committed to developing new products by utilizing the latest lighting technologies and designs. We pledge to deliver superior customer service by employing and training a team of highly experienced lighting professionals.

Lighting has entered the digital age. Gone are the days of high voltage and traditional ROMEX wire requirements. The emergence of LED technology and its minimal power requirements allow power and control over a single network cable (CAT cable) driving a smarter and more energy efficient lighting solution.
Colorbeam Lighting offers a complete lighting system that offers unmatched flexibility, features and benefits, easier to install, and delivers a positive impact on our carbon footprint. 

A market leader in innovative display mounting solutions, engineering company Future Automation specializes in mechanisms that conceal and reveal displays in modern smart homes, commercial spaces and marine applications. Their unique product line combines functionality with aesthetic appeal to offer greater flexibility for any vision. Future Automation’s in-house design team crafts bespoke solutions for projects small and large, with a vast product line that includes lifts, wall mounts, ceiling mounts, table mounts, projector drops, moving panel mechanisms and more that can be seamlessly integrated into any AV installation. Sculpt the design you desire with beautiful, automated AV lifts and mounts from Future Automation.

From living rooms to bedrooms and outdoor applications, experience the Nexus 21 aesthetic.  Our precision-engineered, motorized systems are made to last. Designed and engineered in America, we back every unit with the industry’s longest warranty and offer lifetime technical assistance. Every Nexus 21 TV lift is designed with both professionals and homeowners in mind, to provide the most comprehensive, innovative solutions available. All of this, combined with industry leading customer service and virtually no lead time on orders, make us the #1 choice for professionals across the world.


TRUFIG bridges the gap between technology and design through trimless and flush solutions. Have all your technology seamlessly integrate with the rest of your home’s décor. Using precise alignment and consistent finishes, TRUFIG creates a cohesive aesthetic across multiple devices and manufacturers. HVAC vents, touch panels, electrical sockets and speakers all get a uniform look. Lighting keypad covers are compatible with Lutron, Savant, Decora and other major manufacturers. Finishes such as drywall, tile, stone, wood, metal and wallpaper offer solutions for a wide range of aesthetics. Eliminate rarely used outlets or devices from view entirely with black fascia covers that blend perfectly with the surrounding walls. Easy to install through a standardized fit process, it’s a dream for both homeowners and installers alike.


WattBox and OvrC work together to help integrators remotely troubleshoot and solve problems. We can reboot devices and quickly fix common issues to keep your system running smoothly. We can even alert you that we've fixed your connectivity after the fact.  In addition, through the OvrC Home app homeowners can perform resets and fix small issues on their own.

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