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Expand the Reach of Your Home Entertainment with Outdoor AV

With great weather year-round throughout Atlanta, Alpharetta and the surrounding areas, we’re always looking for new excuses to spend time outdoors. Sometimes we’ll admit, though, that it’s hard to pull away from the television or record collection when trying to relax on a day off or after work. But what if you could take advantage of outdoor audio video solutions that let you do both at once?

You can give your movies, music, and TV-shows a breath of fresh air with professionally designed outdoor entertainment spaces. With anti-glare televisions and immersive landscape sound systems, you can enjoy high-quality audio and video throughout your backyard or patio. Below we highlight three reasons it’s time to create engaging, entertainment outdoor spaces.

The Emergence of Outdoor Televisions

Simply taking your existing TVs outdoors is never a good idea. Not only will they likely break down due to the elements, but they’ll be unwatchable during the day due to glare. Instead, work with companies like Séura and SunbriteTV that develop televisions specifically for outdoor use. Their products are designed to brave extreme weather and deliver bright images in areas with shade or partial sunlight.

Ranging from 42 to 84 inches in size, you can find the ideal option for your outdoor home theater system. Through specialized cables, we connect your TVs to your source components like Blu-ray players or media servers that stay safely hidden indoors. Manage everything from a mobile app or waterproof remote.

Embrace an Immersive Landscape Sound

To get the best outdoor audio possible, you want to line the perimeter with speakers facing inwards. Not only does that keep sound from seeping out, but you can actually strengthen the audio by having it bounce of your exteriors. Understandably, many clients worry about black boxes ruining their landscaping or beautiful view with this layout.

Thankfully, it’s easy to camouflage all of these speakers so you can commit to a comprehensive solution. Our outdoor audio partner Origin Acoustics offers discreet solutions that will blend seamlessly with their surroundings. You can go with rock monitors that look like another addition to your landscaping, satellite speakers that mimic light fixtures or underground subwoofers that they stay hidden from view.

Lights Bring New Life to Your Exteriors

Now that you have the perfect TV and audio solutions, you’ll want to spend a lot more time outdoors. So why should the party have to end as soon as the sun sets? The right illumination can bring additional comfort, safety, and beauty to your space. You can bring a unique landscape lighting solution to your home through our partner Holm.

Holm offers LED products with increased energy efficiency and durability. Their diverse line of lighting fixtures is fit for any space or purpose. They have directional fixtures for overall lighting, area fixtures that accentuate features and walkways, and even underwater fixtures for pools or fountains. For your patio you can use recessed, surface mounted, or pendant fixtures for a layered lighting design.