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    Bring sophisticated home integration into any space.
    One touch control – it’s that easy.



    Smart Home Automation

    !Bring sophisticated home
    integration into any space. One touch control – it’s that easy.

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    Atlanta Audio &




    Make a dramatic enhancement to your lifestyle, improve
    comfort and convenience, and save energy.

    Lighting Control & Automated Shading

    Make a dramatic enhancement to your lifestyle, improve comfort and convenience, and save energy.

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    Atlanta Audio &

    Enjoy music throughout your home. Indoor and outdoor home audio and video entertainment systems.


    Whole House Audio

    Enjoy music throughout your home. Indoor and outdoor home audio and video entertainment system

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    Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience. Movie Night, Every Night...Luxury can be affordable. A home theater can be one of the best enhancements to your lifestyle. Home theaters are great for relaxing, entertaining, and bringing the whole family together.

    Home Theater

    Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience. Movie Night, Every Night...Luxury can be affordable.

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    High Performance Audio
    Love Music...Bring the Concert to your living room.


    Love Music...Bring the Concert to your living room.

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    Enjoy music, video and easily create the perfect entertaining ambiance outside with TVs and music systems built for outdoor use


    Enjoy music, video and easily create the perfect entertaining ambiance outside with TVs and music systems built for outdoor use

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    Atlanta Audio &

About Us

Founded in 1998, Atlanta Audio & Automation has designed and installed thousands of home theaters, lighting control, audio, video, surveillance, and home automation systems throughout Atlanta, Georgia, and in several states. Our exceptional product lines, combined with our highly experienced and talented personnel, allow us to design and deliver the system of your dreams. From a single family room media system, to a state-of-the-art, fully automated home, we can provide you with a simple, attractive, and reliable system that will accentuate your home’s décor. Our goal is to provide you with the best residential or commercial solution to enhance your life, work, and play through the innovative use of technology.

  • Home Theater Design & Installation
  • Home Automation & Control Systems
  • Lighting & Climate Control Systems
  • Motorized Blind & Shade Control
  • Two Channel Hi-Fi Audio
  • Networking & Remote Access Control
  • Whole Home Audio & Video Systems
  • Home Security & Surveillance

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What We Do

We design, engineer, program, install, and maintain smart home automation technology and home theater systems for Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas.  We provide simple control of integrated technology and automation comprised of audio, video, lighting, shading, climate control, energy and power management, networking, phone, and security components.  Our extensive experience, customer focused approach, and high quality of service makes it easy for you to experience all the benefits of customized technology solutions for your home or business.

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See why Atlanta, Georgia home owners choose Atlanta Audio & Automation for all of their home automation, home theater system, and whole house audio  needs.

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Our state of the art Atlanta, Georgia showroom is available for smart home automation, home theater system, and whole house audio demonstrations, and client events.

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When not in use, your TV is a beautiful canvas painting or an elegant mirror. With the press of a button it becomes a TV. Design yours now!

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The Dolby Atmos Sound System

Originally founded in 1965 by inventor and audiovisual specialist Ray Dolby, Dolby Laboratories have presented something special to the world many times in its history. One of the latest and greatest technologies to come from the labs is the Dolby Atmos sound system. Originally developed for the silver screen, now you can have a theater-quality audio experience in your very own home with help from your friends at Atlanta Audio and Automation. Here’s what you can expect from a Dolby Atmos system in your living room or home theater.

A Truly Unique Audio Experience

A Dolby Atmos sound system basically works in two ways: first, the traditional channel-based format (up to 128 audio tracks plus associated spatial audio description metadata for movement and positioning) and its unique “object” audio tracks, where audio engineers can literally place the sound wherever it needs to go in a scene. This quite literally puts the ‘surround’ in ‘surround sound’ as the audience becomes part of the scene they’re watching. Dolby Atmos home theaters can be built on traditional 5.1 and 7.1 audio systems or can be installed with a designed sound system meant to take advantage of Dolby Atmos’ full range of space and motion. Atlanta Audio and Automation can work with any living room or home theater layout to design the perfect Dolby Atmos atmosphere.

Compatible Systems

There are a few things your system will need to create an in-home Dolby Atmos system. While almost any surround sound speaker system will suffice, you’ll need an AV receiver capable of decoding Atmos sound. These come in a variety of different channels to match your speakers, and we can help assemble your system to perfection. We can help design and install Dolby Atmos-enabled ceiling-mounted speakers; four is the optimum amount for “a convincing and powerful effect”, although as many as 34 speakers can be placed in large home theaters. Another option is standing speakers that direct overhead sounds upwards, so they reflect off the ceiling and down to the audience.

For the ultimate sound system for your living room or home theater that will blow you away every time you watch a movie or play a video game, consider a Dolby Atmos system from Atlanta Audio and Automation. Feel free to contact us today for a consultation on a full home theater installation.

Home theaters are becoming amazing popular with long-time homeowners. After all, who wouldn’t want to come home after a long and busy day and unwind with your favorite movie or television series? If you’re in the market for the perfect home theater complete with full surround sound audio, you can rely on Atlanta Audio and Automation to help you with everything from construction and design to wiring and full assembly. But what about the extras? Here are four things that every home theater should include for convenience and comfort.

Home Theater Seating

Necessary Accessories for Every Home Theater System

Comfortable seating is going to make the difference between an awesome time and a sore back. Fortunately, there are lots of options to choose from, including full theater-style reclining seats to cozy sofas and sectionals that can seat the whole family. You can even customize your seats with bass shaker systems that rumble whenever the bass of the movie begins to vibrate. It’s all about comfort and class when choosing our furnishings; make sure you love what you choose.

Universal Remote

Nothing will make your home theater setup more confusing than having to play with three or four different remotes. Instead of bothering with all that, take advantage of our Control4 user experience and control everything in your home theater (and your home) from one device! Change the channel, raise the volume, turn on steaming services, or listen to music. It’s all at your fingertips with our universal controls.

LED Mood Lighting

Every theater has the perfect lighting to help keep the atmosphere perfect for movies. Your home theater should have the exact same thing. From LED lights built into the ceiling to wall sconces equipped with dimmers for when the movie starts, having the right lighting will go a long way to helping your room feel comfortable. On top of that, LED lights have the bonus of being energy-saving and long-lasting.

Before beginning construction on your home, consult with the professionals at Atlanta Audio and Automation. We can ensure that your home electrical systems and theater design go together to produce the perfect home theater for you and your family. Contact us today at (770) 977-9110 to schedule a consultation!

Home Theater Speaker System

With so many speaker styles on the market, it can be hard to know what kind of speakers are best for your situation. There are a lot of factors to consider, like design, space, and budget. Take a look at some of the most popular sound system options for home theaters and media rooms, and see which one matches your needs best.

Freestanding Speakers

These have long been the gold-standard of sound systems and for good reason. A dedicated freestanding speaker system offers amazing sound. And since they’ve been around so long, they’ve had time to evolve to fit a lot of different niches. They come in a number of sizes and styles to match any room and any décor. The drawback? The space they occupy. A single pair of stereo speakers isn’t often a problem, but some people don’t like that look. And when you’re upgrading to a 5.1, 7.1, or 12.1 surround sound system, the amount of space required by the speakers can begin to seem considerable—not always great for smaller rooms.


Soundbars are a great step up from a TVs built-in speakers, offering fuller sound and even the ability to simulate surround sound without multiple speakers throughout the room. A more extensive sound system can offer even more, of course, but in a family room or media room that isn’t dedicated wholly to the audiovisual system, a soundbar is an economical and space-efficient upgrade.

In-Wall Speakers

One of the most elegant solutions for dedicated home theater rooms, in-wall speakers are built flush into the walls, and can even be completely hidden, either by the drywall itself or by artwork and other décor. The sound quality, of early in-wall systems couldn’t match freestanding systems of the day, but, as we’ve written about before, modern in-wall systems sound great. Cutting into the walls and running the wires can get costly, though; it’s often best to build an in-wall sound system into the room from the very beginning. And speaker placement has to be flawless, as once it’s done, adjustments are almost impossible. But done well, the results are amazing.

In-Ceiling Speakers

Speakers can also be built into the ceiling of your theater or media room. These speakers are installed in recesses cut into the ceiling, and can, like in-wall speakers, be completely hidden behind drywall. There are a few important differences between wall speakers and ceiling speakers, however. First, even though the installation is similar to an in-wall installation, the wiring for in-ceiling speakers is usually a bit simpler, because the wires only need to be run up one wall and can cross the ceiling without needing to put holes through studs and firebreaks. The primary drawback of in-ceiling speakers, though, is that all the sound comes from above, which can sound unnatural.

To learn more, please visit us online or in our experience center on Miami Circle, or call (770) 977-9110 for an appointment.

Man Attempting to Break into a Home

Burglaries Are on the Rise in December

You’re not the only one window shopping this season. Every year, there is a rise in home burglaries for the last two weeks of December. That’s because criminals have been peeking through your windows, going through your garbage cans, and waiting for the right opportunity to pounce. And what better time to rob someone than right after Christmas? New TVs, gaming consoles, computers, and other expensive gifts are all left home when you travel for the holidays; or even return to your day job. When you can’t always count on a neighbor or friend to watch your home while you’re away, what can you do? With today’s home security systems, you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere.

Protect Your Home with Video Surveillance and Smart Security

With the growth in technology, it’s time to upgrade the alarm system. Video surveillance and smart security will give you the ability to peek in on your home from your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. The live video feed will give you access to view who’s at the door, who’s inside your home, and who’s lurking around the perimeter. Forgot to set the alarm when you left? No worries. You’ll be able to arm and disarm the alarm system from your device, even if you’re thousands of miles away from Atlanta. And with only a staggering 13.6% of burglaries resulting in arrests, you’ll be glad you upgraded your alarm system. Burglars leave hardly any evidence behind, making it difficult to find the intruders or your stolen objects. That’s why it’s smart to have video surveillance in your home. You can use the live video feed to alert police if there are intruders in your home. With the capability to record and play back video, you’ll have the evidence to put an end to their ‘shopping spree’. Smart Security and Video Surveillance is a must have in the world we live in today. You wouldn’t browse the web without security on your computer, so why leave your home without an alarm system to thwart the physical criminals.

Protect your home, family, and belongings from the Grinches of the world this holiday season. To learn more about us and our solutions, or to speak with a professional about your needs, visit http://atlantaaudio.com/our-solutions/security- surveillance.

Transitioning to a Smart Home

Long before the premiere of The Jetsons and extending well beyond, society has been fascinated with the idea of smart homes and other technologies that could only be dreamt of. However, thanks to
technological innovations, smart homes are no longer a concept of the imagination and are becoming more and more common each year.

Atlanta Audio & Automations offers smart home automation for your Atlanta, Georgia home including motorized window treatments, lighting control, climate control, and media control. Visit www.atlantaaudio.com for information about smart home automation, home theaters, and other quality services offered by Atlanta Audio & Automations.

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