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Home Theater Construction

Create the perfect home theater or media room from construction to installation.


It seems as though every custom home being built today has an area designated as a home theater or media room. Or as the economy has changed over the past few years, more Atlanta, Georgia homeowners are staying in the homes longer and are spending the time to renovate existing spaces. We are often contacted by a homeowner during the construction process of the build out of a new home theater.


Unfortunately, very often we are called in just a little too late. The walls are usually already framed, electrical wiring has been run and sometimes the sheet rock has been installed and finished. If we had just been contacted a month sooner, the home theater or media room could have been designed and built much more efficiently. These home entertainment rooms often are adjacent to a utility room, storage area or large main room. Partitions could have easily been arranged differently and doorways relocated to accommodate the best use of space. If riser platforms exist they are almost always sized incorrectly for seating type. Many times HVAC duct work specifications are inadequate for these rooms. Proper consideration was not given to the fact that a large number of people (for room size) are going to be occupying this room for two hours or so with electronic equipment that generates a large amount of heat.

It is very rare that even a minimal amount of thought has been given to the acoustical aspects of the space. Very little sound isolation techniques have been applied and absorption or diffusion principles are usually almost nonexistent. The best electronic equipment in the world will sound terrible in an untreated home theater room. These are just a couple of examples of how our services can help you to build a better home theater or media room and thus a better home.

The home theater experts at Atlanta Audio & Automation have been designing and building quality home theaters since 1998. We have been working together with high end home builders, re-modelers, architects, and interior designers for many years. Unlike other companies that strictly do design or just installation, we have been performing "hands on" construction along with the design and installation of the home theater equipment.

We are a full service home theater company that can do all or part of creating and building the home theater or media room of your dreams.

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