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Some Benefits of Working With a Control4 Home Automation Expert

Georgia Residents’ FAQs, Answered

Some Benefits of Working With a Control4 Home Automation Expert


As one of the most popular integrated systems around, Control4 home automation is a perfect addition to your Georgia property. But many homeowners wonder why working with a professional integrator is such an important part of the process. After all, don’t you get the same level of service from a DIY system? The answer is more complicated than it may seem. In this blog, we’ll show you why you may want to work with a Control4 home automation expert if you’re thinking about upgrading your home.



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Isn’t Control4 automation a big investment?

One of the reasons some homeowners consider a DIY approach is that they believe it will be a lower-cost solution. With so many devices that are simple to set up – at least for their basic functions – like NEST and Sonos, this option seems like a practical one.

But Control4 isn’t about using your smart devices at their most basic level. It’s about taking the most complicated features and making them easy. Plus, it allows for incredible inter-operability between devices. So while the initial investment may seem larger in comparison to the DIY approach, you’re getting a lot more out of your system in the long run.

Do I want someone working in my home?                                                                         

There’s no way around it… some people don’t like the idea of having an integrator working in their house. But when you work with a Control4 dealer like Atlanta Audio and Automation, you’re not just getting anybody – you’re getting an expert partner who works quickly, cleanly and can get the job done right the first time.

Something else to consider: few whole home automation systems are built in a bubble. There are plenty of occasions when technology integration intersects with interior design, construction and architecture. If you’re trying to build your own home theater, you can quickly become overwhelmed. A respectable integrator should be an expert at coordinating between different professionals to achieve the system that’s right for you.

Does Control4 really integrate all of my technology?

As one of the leading home automation systems, Control4 can integrate with most smart technology found in your home. Devices like the Amazon Echo and Lutron lighting systems work seamlessly with the Control4 operating system.

Moreover, Control4 also integrates with your security features. As a licensed security installer, Atlanta Audio and Automation can simplify the safety features of your home, from alarms to “mockupancy” settings, to easily reviewable surveillance footage. We even offer remote monitoring for additional peace of mind. A Control4 system makes keeping your family safe easier than ever.

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