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Get Out and Enjoy the Game With These Outdoor AV Solutions

Your Home Entertainment System Doesn’t End at Your Doorstep

Get Out and Enjoy the Game With These Outdoor AV Solutions

Spring is officially here – warmer weather, longer days and plenty of great games to enjoy with friends and family. Since the outdoors are more welcoming than they have been in the previous months, it's time to get out and feel the sun on your face. So what's an Atlanta sports fan to do? How can you catch every second of March Madness or the opening of baseball season while still living it up in the great outdoors? Lucky for you, we've got some great home entertainment system solutions for your backyard.

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The Latest From Sunbrite

There are two major problems with moving your TV outside: the first is that it's not weather proof, the second is that it's not bright enough. Thankfully, the TV experts at Sunbrite have solved this problem – and they now offer 4K UHD resolution.
Sunbrite has long been a leader in outdoor televisions, offering water tight video display solutions perfect for your backyard. The ultra-bright image combat's glare from the sun while the incredibly durable casing is designed to withstand the elements. The company is even rumored to test durability with measures as extreme as firing guns at it. We don't know if that's true, but we certainly get the point.

Their latest model, the 84" Pro Series 4k Ultra HD Outdoor TV is sure to turn the deck or yard into your favorite media room. Sure, it won't be available for your home viewing pleasure until sometime in June, but nevertheless it's a fascinating piece of hardware. Tempered glass keeps the LED display safe, and EST tech prevents isotropic blackout – meaning you'll be able to enjoy true Ultra HD picture for hours, even in the brightest sunlight.

Drop the Bass on Your Outdoor Audio

You may be ready to install a pristine 4k UHD TV in your outdoor entertainment center, but you'll also need a sound system to give it a real kick. We've already told you about outdoor speakers by Sonance, but you haven't heard anything until you've heard their underground subwoofer.

One frequent problem with outdoor audio is that it has nothing to resonate against. Sonance has solved this issue with speakers that can be expertly placed to mimic the sounds of a traditional surround sound system. But because woofers are not generally constructed in the same forward-facing manner as your other speakers, installing one outdoors proves a challenge.

That's why they've perfected the underground woofer, which is exactly what it sounds like. The woofer is placed underneath your deck or seating area, allowing it to create a full, robust and resonant experience. Plus, its placement means that you won't be able to see it, so it can't disrupt the look of your beautifully landscaped spaces.

Are you ready to experience the sights and sounds of springtime with awesome AV? Contact us today to upgrade your outdoor home entertainment system.