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The Benefits of Using a Sonos Sound System

Improve Your Space with a Sonos Sound System

Sonos Speaker System

Are you trying to figure out what sound system you should purchase for your home? Learn about some of the advantages of using a Sonos home sound system.

It’s Wireless

The major benefit of any wireless system is not having to deal with wires. You can avoid the following issues:

  • Making sure everything is plugged into the right place
  • Starting over from square one when the wires don’t reach the desired speaker location
  • Worrying about a messy, cluttered look with wires all over the place
  • Spending extra time trying to hide the wires

Plain and simple, going wireless gives your space a cleaner look without all the extra work.

Calls Don’t Disrupt Your Music

Most wireless speakers systems stream music via Bluetooth connection. This means that your music is constantly getting disrupted whenever you receive a text or phone call.

With Sonos systems, music is streamed through a wireless Internet connection, meaning you won’t have to worry about interruptions. The music just keeps playing!

It’s the Perfect Fit for Any Space—Big or Small

With several different systems to choose from, you can choose the right fit for your space—no matter how big or small it is. If your needs change in the future, you can even expand your current system.

The Play:1 is ideal for a smaller space. Designed for smaller spaces, this wireless speaker system boasts the highest-quality HiFi sound in such a compact system.

The Play:3 is an ideal system to use in smaller rooms or as rear speakers in a home theater system. With three custom speakers, amplifiers, and a passive bass radiator, this system can easily meet most sound system needs.

A six-speaker system with D-class amplifiers, the Play:5 is perfect for a larger room. The biggest speakers Sonos offers, this system offers the boldest sound.

With nine digital amplifiers, the PLAYBAR is the basic setup for a home theater. If you’re looking for a surround sound option, try pairing the Play:1 or Play:3 with the SUB and PLAYBAR systems.

It’s the Perfect Solution for a Whole-House Audio System

If you’re looking for a whole-house audio system, Sonos is the right choice. You can sync the speakers to play the same tunes throughout the house, or you can program different rooms to play different music. For example, you can rock out to something hardcore, while your teen is listening to some pop music or your toddler’s enjoying songs from the latest Disney movie.

Ready to make the switch to a wireless Sonos system? Contact us to get started!

How Smart Home Automation Is Changing in the New Year

From Security to Appliances, Your Atlanta Home Can be Smarter Than Ever

How Smart Home Automation Is Changing in the New Year

There’s no denying that 2016 was a huge year for smart home automation, but the biggest changes to the integrated technology landscape are still ahead. With the growing popularity of voice-control features and increased desire to turn every aspect of the home “smart,” we’re seeing plenty of developments that could radically alter your home this year. In this blog, we’ll highlight some new smart home features that you should know about. Read more after the jump.

TAGS: home automation | smart home automation

Home Theater Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

Enjoy the Coolest Tech in Your Georgia Private Cinema

Home Theater Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

With the New Year now in full swing, it’s time to start looking ahead at the new technology you’ll soon be able to enjoy in your Georgia home theater. Everything from advanced display technology to top of the line audio gear means you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more in your private cinema this year. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of our favorite trends to look out for in 2017. Read on for more.

TAGS: 4K entertainment | home theater

Choosing a Speaker Setup

What's right for your room?

Choosing a Speaker Setup

With so many speaker styles on the market, it can be hard to know what kind of speakers are best for your situation. There are a lot of factors to consider, like design, space, and budget. Take a look at some of the most popular sound system options for home theaters and media rooms, and see which one matches your needs best.

Freestanding Speakers

These have long been the gold-standard of sound systems, and for good reason. A dedicated freestanding speaker system offers amazing sound. And since they’ve been around so long, they’ve had time to evolve to fit a lot of different niches. They come in a number of sizes and styles to match any room and any décor. The drawback? The space they occupy. A single pair of stereo speakers isn’t often a problem, but some people don’t like that look. And when you’re upgrading to a 5.1, 7.1, or 12.1 surround sound system, the amount of space required by the speakers can begin to seem considerable—not always great for smaller rooms.


Soundbars are great step up from a TVs built-in speakers, offering fuller sound and even the ability to simulate surround sound without multiple speakers throughout the room. A more extensive sound system can offer even more, of course, but in a family room or media room that isn’t dedicated wholly to the audiovisual system, a soundbar is an economical and space-efficient upgrade.

In-Wall Speakers

One of the most elegant solutions for dedicated home theater rooms, in-wall speakers are built flush into the walls, and can even be completely hidden, either by the drywall itself or by artwork or other décor. The sound quality, of early in-wall systems couldn’t match freestanding systems of the day, but, as we’ve written about before, modern in-wall systems sound great. Cutting into the walls and running the wires can get costly, though; it’s often best to build an in-wall sound system into the room from the very beginning. And speaker placement has to be flawless, as once it’s done, adjustments are almost impossible. But done well, the results are amazing.

In-Ceiling Speakers

Speakers can also be built into the ceiling of your theater or media room. These speakers are installed in recesses cut into the ceiling, and can, like in-wall speakers, be completely hidden behind drywall. There are a few important differences between wall speakers and ceiling speakers, however. First, even though the installation is similar to an in-wall installation, the wiring for in-ceiling speakers is usually a bit simpler, because the wires only need to be run up one wall and can cross the ceiling without needing to put holes through studs and firebreaks. The primary drawback of in-ceiling speakers, though, is that all the sound comes from above, which can sound unnatural.

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