Home Entertainment and Home Automation Consultation

We are looking foward to helping you understand how home technology can change your life!

Atlanta Audio & Automation will provide a customized "In Home" consultation, evaluation and written cost estimate for your entire home theater, home entertainment,  home media system, home automation, lighting control, or security & surveillance system project.

Atlanta Audio & Automation's professional home theater and home automation designers will come to your home and discuss the options and ideas in order to create your perfect home theater, home automation, home entertainment experience. We will walk through your home and discuss your plans, make observations and recommendations and develop a plan that is desirable to you while being sensitive your budget and lifestyle.

Atlanta Audio & Automation has years of expert knowledge that you can benefit from. We will help you understand what options are available to you, what system configuration and components will work best for your needs and your lifestyle.

As part of this analysis Atlanta Audio & Automation will perform many if not all of the following services:

  1. Whole house Music Automation and Recommendations
  2. During our initial assessment, Atlanta Audio & Automation will discuss, explain and recommend many options for your desired audio or home entertainment system. Among the many things we will discuss, we will be determine wiring requirements and layout options, music zone options (single or multi zone options), speakers and speaker options (in wall, in ceiling, free standing, indoor, outdoor, etc), zone controls (keypads, infrared, wireless), audio sources (am/fm/xm, cd,dvd), equipment location, equipment option types, speaker controls, cable types, surge protectors, wireless audio options as well as many other details necessary for your customized system.

  3. Acoustical Analysis and Layout Recommendations
  4. Atlanta Audio & Automation uses equipment such as the Audio Analysis System from Ivie. It is a handheld audio instrument (similar to a PDA) which helps us measure a broad range of acoustical measurements. Some of it functions include: real time analyzer measurements (RTA), sound pressure level (SPL) measurements, seat-to-seat level variation measurements, strip chart recordings of sound level over time, polarity checking, audio frequency oscilloscope measurements, Noise Criteria (NC/NR) measurements, and more. Your audio consultant can tell you more and show you how we use this technology to optimize your home theater or media room acoustics and your room layout.

  5. Audio Speaker Characteristic Analysis for Optimal Sound
  6. Speaker sound quality, speaker location, and speaker type are very important to your overall enjoyment of your home theater or media room. Atlanta Audio & Automations’ experience in selecting best in class speaker manufactures along with our experience in determining the optimal layout of the room for best sound quality will provide you with the best sounding system you could imagine.

  7. Video Selection and room layout analysis
  8. There are many factors and decisions that need to be made when deciding the type of video that you should select for your home entertainment needs. Price, performance, overall dimensions, picture size, and room factors all play important roles when choosing the right system. There are also many terms like digital TV, plasma, CRT, LCD, 3D, 4K, front and rear projection, HDTV, DVR, etc. that are new technologies which are confusing to the average person. These are the types of questions that our experts at Atlanta Audio & Automation will help you understand. We will explain the advantages and disadvantages, the differences between the technologies, and help you select the system and technology that will be right for you. We will also help you understand and select the additional home entertainment components you may need to integrate with your media room or home theater system.

  9. Lighting Design and Evaluation including mortorized shading solutions
  10. Atlanta Audio & Automation will help you with lighting ideas for a specific room like your home theater or a whole house system. Atlanta Audio Automation uses Lutron products which gives you the unlimited freedom to change the lights that surround you on a daily basis. Automated lighting controls can also be integrated into whole house automation including security systems, heating/cooling, and energy management. At the touch of a button, all can be controlled for specific room, zones, or the entire home. Automated lighting can also save you money. How much energy do you waste by leaving unused lights on when you are in other areas of the home? Lights can be scheduled to turn off if the room is unoccupied. New technologies products like these make it possible to install these enhanced lighting or home automation systems in existing or new construction homes.

  11. Home theater or media room design, options, and recommendations
  12. To create a successful Home Theater Design, you need to understand the latest advances in everything from DVD players, audio/video receivers, and audio speakers to the incredible new High Definition TV's, LCD TV, Plasma TV, and the new 4K TV. Along with this, you need to know how to put it all together to create an exceptional home theater or media room. At Atlanta Audio & Automation we cover all aspects of the home theater system including planning, electronics, equipment, design and installation, construction, acoustics, seating, and accessories. If you are looking to achieve the ideal viewing and listening environment... then you have come to the right place. Atlanta Audio & Automation will help you choose the right home theater components, home audio speakers, home audio subwoofers, remote controls, cabling, power protection, home theater furniture and cabinets, speaker stands and brackets.. Just as important as which components to buy is deciding where to put them. There are several things to consider when designing a home theater including personal preferences, physical requirements, and budget. You will benefit from our years of expert knowledge in designing and installing custom home theaters. If a home theater is done right, the moment after the movie has started you will be taken away by the experience and not remember that you are at home.

  13. Home Automation options
  14. Atlanta Audio & Automation can help you design and plan home automation options available to you. Some of the things we provide as part of a home automation package consist of, but are not limited to things such as:

    • Press a single button to turn off the lights, lower thermostats, and turn on the security system on the way out the door or when retiring for the night.
    • Call or logon to your computer, tablet, mobilel phone from anywhere to check the status of your home or adjust lights, temperature, security, irrigation, video surveillance.
    • Check security cameras from any TV in the house, or logon to any computer or iPhone anywhere in the world in check security video of your home.
    • Instantly adjust room lighting for reading, watching TV, entertaining, or for your home theater.
    • Automatically turn on your house lights when your security alarm goes off.
    • Be alerted to carbon monoxide, freezing conditions or water leaks.

  15. Home Communications & Networking Solutoins
  16. Atlanta Audio & Automation can give you options for residential phone systems with integration of intercom options and security cameras. The functionality of your phone systems doesn't stop at receiving and placing outside calls. Atlanta Audio & Automation can help turn your telephone into an interactive intercom system. By connecting your phone to an intercom system, you can communicate from room to room, talk with visitors at your front door, page your entire home, or even control doors and electronic gate. We can customize a system or install basic packages to meet your specific needs and budget.

After our consultation, a written proposal and job estimate will be presented for your review. 

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