Offering the finest selection of audio, video, & home automation components from the world's top manufacturers

Welcome to the finest selection of audio and video and home automation solutions from the world's most innovative and dependable component manufacturers. Atlanta Audio & Automation selects and installs the highest quality products and home entertainment and home automation solutions. We pride ourselves on working with brands that are innovative and dependable. This is not an all inclusive list of our product lines, so if you do not see a brand that you are looking for, please call us and inquire.


HD/3D/4K Televisions

pSNYNA-XBR85X950B main v217If it were only as hard as figuring out plasma verses LCD. The complications with new TV's are matched by their nearly limitless capability. The chances of not ultimately ending up with what you want, is very real from a big-box store. At Atlanta Audio & Automation we have narrowed it down and can figure it out so you'll be as happy in a few years as you are after we install one. Big or small, affordable or elaborate, we promise to find out exactly what you really want and make it both fun and easy.

We recommend specific models from:

SonySamsung SunBriteTV | Sharp | Panasonic

Audio Video Components

yamaha receiversPowerful speakers and brilliant monitors need a strong signal fed to them to optimize their output. High performance audio and video components decode the audio from surround sound formats and send it out with proper amplification to your speakers and ensure you're getting the best picture possible.

For the ultimate in listening enjoyment, experience music on a high-performance music system designed for your pleasure with audio components from some of the world’s finest quality manufacturers.

We carry Audio & Video Components from:

 SonyYamaha | AnthemBryston Marantz Niles | Fusion Research | Sunfire

Projectors and Video Screens

snyUS TV 1056x215 nowShowing1Break the boundaries of television screen sizes by making a high definition video projector the star of your show. Projectors have a small footprint but give a huge impact in your home theater or media room. Of all the wonderful rooms in a house, only a great home theater guarantees you a great time. It's what guests always remember. But a great home theater is not just a bunch of electronics thrown together. Atlanta Audio is renowned for creating home theaters that truly take you into the film. We work with nearly every budget and have created all kinds of home theaters for hundreds of clients from all over greater Atlanta. From how you control your home theater, (which is key) to how great it sounds, to how perfectly it is setup, we are passionate about home theaters and home entertainment systems, and you will be too when you experience how much more is possible from Atlanta Audio & Automation. Come visit our showhouse to see ways we can make your dream home theater possible!

We recommend Projectors & Screens from:

Digital ProjectionJVCSharpOptoma DaLite Screen | Epson | Sony | Screen Innovations


Home Theater HiFi SpeakersThe home theater experience is only half complete without quality audio speakers. What about wirelss audio?  High Performance Audio?  Bring out the full force of your home entertainment system with the rich sound of your music collection and enjoy listening like you never have before.   We provide a wide variety of audio solutions from wireless speakers to hi performance speakers for the most discerning audiofile. 

Call for an appointment to demo a wide variety of our speaker lines.


We recommend Speakers from:

Monitor Audio Paradigm RBH |  Martin LoganSunfire | Stealth Acoustics | Niles | Sonance


Whole House Media Systems

Sonos audio systemFrom subtle background music to an instant party atmosphere, whole house audio systems provide the mood you need when you need it. Recent technological advances have resulted in distributed audio solutions that make designing, wiring, and installing a whole house audio system well within the means of most homeowners.   We provide solutions for both wired and wireless systems.


We feature systems from:

 Elan Sonos RTI Remote Control |  Niles | Sonance

Home Automation & Control

Elan g Home Automation SystemA home automation and control system is designed to provide more convenience, comfort and peace-of-mind. It should be personalized to fit your specific lifestyle. These home automation solutions range from simple family room control to full whole-home entertainment and management - even remote monitoring of vacation homes. With an intuitive and uniform navigation scheme, the systems we recommend are ultra user-friendly. Individual "apps" allow you to seamlessly control each of your home's subsystems - such as security, climate, lighting, media and more – even while on the go from your mobile phone, tablet, or PC. You're always in touch, and in control. Think of the things you do to get ready in the morning: turn on the lights, check the weather and traffic reports, maybe even turn on the morning news. Do this and more from a touch screen, table or phone.

We carry Home Automation & Control components from:

Elan g! Lutron RTI Remote Control | Universal Remote Control

Lighting & Shading Control Systems

Kit Cell Preset WP lowA well-planned automated lighting control system is essential for the modern home. In a home theater it's the difference between constantly having to get up and down, or not. Today's lighting controls offer many options from affordable applications that integrate with your TV remote to graphical interfaces representing lighting control/shade control for your entire house.

We use Lutron HomeWorks & RadioRa 2 technology to add elegance, ambiance, and energy efficiency to any room. Wireless dimmers, switches & shades offer complete control of your environment.  Lighting can account for up to 20% of a household’s yearly electricity usage. We can help reduce your energy usage while enhancing your visual environment.

Atlanta Audio & Automation is a long time certified designer and installer of these systems:

Lutron HomeWorks | Lutron RadioRa 2 | Lutron Shading Systems  | Elang! | RTI Remote Control 

Surveillance Systems & Security Cameras

surveillance and security cameras for your home or businessSurveillance is more than just about the cameras we install. It's not just seeing your house from a web browser, iPad, iPhone, or PDA when you're not there. It's also about what you can do about what you're seeing. Controlling thermostats, lights and security is also important. From a simple web camera to complete remote control of the house as if you were there, if it uses electricity we can watch it and control it from anywhere. Let us show you how to automation your home or business from anywhere.

The brands found in most of our installations include:

IC Realtime 

Media Servers & Management

Media Servers and ManagementMedia servers let you create a library of your music and video collections all in one central location. Using intuitive on-screen controls and menus you can play content, make playlists, and set parental controls for your children to use the system.


We carry Media Servers from:

Apple TV | Fusion Research | S1 Digital

Home Theater Furniture & Accessories

Home Theater Seating and AccessoriesGive your high-end audio video equipment the home it deserves! Our contemporary home theater and media room furniture gives your home theater the finishing touches that take it to the next level. Whether it's: fine furniture, custom racks, motorized lifts, home theater seating ,acoustic panels and sheet rock, home theater signs, posters, popcorn machines or concession stands, we've got you covered.

We carry Home Theater Furniture & Accessories from:

Bass SeatingCuddleBagChief | Sanus | Middle Atlantic Kinetics Noise Control Bello | Vision Art | Palliser

Power Management, Surge Protection, Wire and Cable, Home Networking, and Celluar Boosters

Low Voltage Technology solutionsWithout power, your equipment is useless. Too much and serious damage can be done, too little, it might as well be turned off. Why not go with the best? At Atlanta Audio & Automation we offer the most reliable and finest wiring components to compliment your home theater and home entertainment systems.

A necessity for every home theater or home automation system; power management components are not only essential for getting the best sound and picture from your entertainment devices, but also for protecting those same devices from AC voltage irregularities and surges.  Lightning strikes are common in Atlanta during the summer, just ask some of our clients who didn't invest in power protection, and you'll understand why a small investment up front can save you a lot of money in the future.  Ask us about remote power management and monitoring with BlueBolt!

We carry power & cable components from:

Tributaries | Liberty CablePanamax | Furman | Wilson Electronics | Sanus | Chief | Peerless | Middle Atlantic | Luxul | Pakedge

Communication Systems

home communication systemsAn integrated home phone system can create a truly connected environment. Reach any part of your home or office from any room, including outdoors, via any phone. Tie in cameras and a doorbell. It's all possible through the latest telephone and intercom systems.

Atlanta Audio is an authorized Panasonic dealer.

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