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Great value and reliable cellular communication at work, at home and on the go. Cellular Booster

Everyone who uses a cell phone or data card knows how aggravating it is to drop a call or not be able to connect.  Fortunately, Atlanta Audio & Automation has found a solutions to enable you to connect and maintain calls by improving your cellular signal just about anywhere.

We use industry-leading cell phone signal boosters and antennas by Wilson Electronics.  Wilson Electronics cell phone boosters eliminate the frustration of dropped calls, limited range and slow data rates by amplifying incoming and outgoing cellular signals in both mobile and building situations. With a reputation as the finest in the business, their bidirectional boosters and antennas are expertly engineered to detect and amplify weak incoming signals your cellular device would miss, and simultaneously broadcast a much stronger signal back to the cell tower.

There are a wide range of plug-and-play packages and individual products for custom installations which offer great value and ensure reliable cellular communication at work, at home and on the go.  Today's homeowners rely on home networks for data, for video and to assist with many daily tasks. These networks are increasingly being integrated with television systems, picture distribution, business VPN connections and for many other uses.
As the importance of home networking and cellular signal boosters has grown, we have found that the quality of the home network has a large impact on a homeowner's lifestyle. Because of this, Atlanta Audio & Automation provides integrated and stand-alone networking and cellular booster services to both homes and businesses.
Call us today to find out more about cellular boosters in your home or office.
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